I, Too, Love Maps.

I've loved maps all my life, and own a ton of them.  I love historic maps, beautiful maps, maps of exotic places, special-purpose maps such as geologic maps.  As a teen, I learned surveying and map-making.

I love maps of imaginary places, such as Tolkien's maps of Middle Earth, and science fiction maps of galactic exploration.

And I love real maps of other worlds, such as the map of the Tharsis region of Mars, below.


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Beautiful map.<br />
Have a corona.....heh

Actually, there are volcanic features on Venus called coronae (Singular - corona, L. crown). The man who explained them used the zits analogy for them.

i love the colours,wow...but maps,geography..hmm...better maps of the sky!

They do. They're probably aligned because of some deep crustal rift, now buried under lava flows, but we won't know for sure until we can get seismographs operating there.

Flutter - Yes, you do, although I have a Mac, so left-click-copy becomes Control-copy for me. But for some reason, it would never work from my old Photobucket account.<br />
<br />
MiaBella - Yes, the colors are altitude. Blue is the lowest, up through spectral colors, with brown and white as the highest. This is a color scheme that planetary scientists are standardising on across the Solar system recently. In this map, those are the four big volcanoes on the left, with Olympus Mons off by itself, and the Valles Marineris rift zone on the right.

Peaceonearth's been trying to tell me how for months, but I'm a slow learner, apparently. I think there may have been a problem with my Photobucket account. I accidentally locked myself out of the old one, and created a new one, and now all of a sudden, I can get this to work.