Me, Myself And I

As a child I have always felt different I remember small things from when I was a baby that my earth parents ask me how could I remember that ? I have all my life felt like I don't belong in this world I do know there is other life out in the beyond I can separate my mind thoughts from the feelings of my heart ,I can feel my inner child crying of sadness, have heard it for 43 years. My anger is not of hate but of sadness of the betrayal and deception people live their lives, our Creator did not place us hear to destroy this world and fight against each other for things that are man made and use our words that come out of our mouth to destroy what was precious.Animals are the only friends we have that are innocent from mind and heart, that's until a human being shows them the way of evil in which they do not know what they are doing, they trust us and think what we teach them is the right way, forgive the little ones whom we should be protecting and we don't. I say birth parents because I have never felt my blood warm with them meaning I felt detached all the time, like someone out there is crying for me day by day, yes I love them but recently I have changed in a way that anyone would say is being cold,I no longer fear if I loose them just because I know were they are going when they die and that is to were their heart and mind have been while they were here. You choose what you want your heart to feel like you choose what your mind wants to think. ( I have to go now, I`m thankful for anyone whom understands and to those who did not , thank you . Maybe another time I will finish my so called story.
(juniorwithlove4u )
juniorwithlove4u juniorwithlove4u
41-45, M
Aug 14, 2012