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That's What They Thought

While I was staring outside the wide window pane of the bus, tiny rain drops are dripping from the sky. The heaven is empathizing the feeling I had. I was touched, I began to cry. Silently in the little corner, I find my space, a moment for myself. To think of how life has been so unfair. When all I was asking for is to be all well.
A lady noticed and stare some while, I wouldn't care. I feel so bad. Though they thought I may be going nuts, wondering maybe why I am crying for no reason at all.

She and everyone else wouldn't know why. I'm not planning to tell if they meant to judge me again.
witherer witherer 70+ 1 Response Apr 9, 2011

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I know what you've been through, i understand what made you cry but please :( dont cry, smile, remember two old ladies spoke of how they should smile and be happy and not be sad ;) ;) I hope you remember! hehe..