I Can't Help It

I know life is not fair, but why can't it be unfair for the other side, once, just once.
LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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Thank you Rachel Something, I agree, that's why I let the tears drop from time to time.

well, i am a little bit like you. sometimes i remind of something and i start crying, or sometimes it happens cause i'm sensitive. <br />
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Not necessarily a bad thing. if you want to cry and you hold back your tears, it is not good, so you better let it out :)

@ Nyxie, thanks for the karma, I need it<br />
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@ The red lady: talking to you always makes me feel good<br />
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@ Touch of spring: thanks, that means a lot

you know we are all here for you LV. We can't let such a kind-hearted person go feeling so bad.

Thanks for being so understanding and thanks for caring.

Sending some balancing karma your way, LordV.

Thank you Betty Button, I hope things get better for everyone, including me

@ Duchess: thank you for taking time and reading my stories, I am just nagging, sorry, I am not usually this bad!<br />
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@ Salar, thanks I have no choice.

It is unfair for the over side Lv they just dont tell you , so chin up girl .....

thank you Jopiel, you have the talent to make sense of everything. It's always great to read your comments

Some people are capable of kind and noble deeds, whilst others cannot find compassion to understand others. Injustice often happens to those kind loving souls it is a tough world. Human nature.

I am sure you are right, I don't wish unfair life for others I just wish a bit of fairness for myself.<br />
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Thanks for your wise and lovely words