There are times where I will start laughing and can't stop. I use to embarrass my kids when we were in public. It would be over the stupidest things. My husband has encountered this also. We've been together for over 2 years. He doesn't even know what to make of it. Sometimes I will be thinking of things that happened and I will just start laughing. All he can say is ALL RIGHT. BREATHE. I can't explain why it happens to him. I remember year and years back when I got really depressed I sometimes would start laughing and that's when I noticed I was even doing it. I guess I'm really strange but it doesn't bother me.
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The one thing I know about this Lovely Lady, she makes me smile every day, and laugh. I've never met such a fun person! Thanks Babe!! :)

You're the one who is amazing. You can make my heart melt every day and you make me laugh. I love you so much

That's my babe, such a wonderful person. ***HUG***

Sane? You? OK, anythiong you say dear. :) I love this woman! lol

Hey, give me a break. I love this man of mine too. He is such a sweetheart and has a big heart. Love you baby, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. :) <3

Laughter is often the best medicine.

I always thought that to be true. I had several friends that are manic depressants. They are in and out of hospitals and on medication. With the way my life turned out at that time I didn't understand how come I didn't turn out like them. One of the girls told me that I had one thing that they could never have. A sense of humor. She told me that every time something went wrong I would find humor in it and that's the only thing keeping me sane. I guess she was right.

I sure will check it out. That is just too weird.

You should start a laughing yoga group. Check it out on you tube.