I Know You ;)

My husband does share household work with me , sometimes he wants to eat fruit mix, then I do the needful. Peel oranges, slice apples, peel grape fruit and open up pomegranate, add salt and sugar..mix and then the two of us share from the same bowl. My husband, would start to read newspaper..uhu..thats not gonna be..as he will then not eat..so take that away..now he puts the spoon back and looking here and there..motion him to pick up the spoon..he fills it and tries to put the fruits to my lips!! why? You wanted fruit mix..so eat it..then he says , I am giving you to eat..okay..fair enough..then I also fill my spoon a heap and its your turn to open mouth...please :)) thats a no no..he shakes his head from side to side..I know him so well..always wants me to eat and he escapes..although it is his idea for eating fruits...now everyone reading this story would think, so sweet husband and why is she complaining? I am..complaining because he remains slim and smart and I am gaining weight , if everytime I prepare or cook something for him, and he avoids it and I end up eating that, well its not done..no..I do get upset :))) cry..not with tears..just tantrums..
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
31-35, F
Sep 26, 2012