My Friend Will Not Replace It

I have a friend that i have only known for a year or so, i always thought that she was a nice person with views like my own, but how wrong was i????. You see, one day she asked me if she could get a lone of something that was my daughters, i told her i was not sure, as it was not mine, and my daughter was not at home to ask, but she insisted and said that she would replace it if it got broken, although it would"nt. I was unsure but thought it would do no harm as she said she would return it the next day, When my daughter came home, i told her that i had gave her a lone of it, she was a bit upset but said "ok as long as i get it back tomorrow,! The next day i spoke to her on facebook and she said that she would get it back to me. A week past and she would not answer my calls or answer me on facebook, so for 4 more days i left her messages, then finally she sent me a message saying that her man had used it and it is broke, she said that it had a screw missing in the handle of it. { which we knew it had"nt, as i had used it that day before she took it} also if it had a screw missing we would have known when she had taken it, as i showed her how to use it, also she would have to have carried it with the handle home, so we would have known. But after many messages she said that they would replace it, but 4 weeks on and we are still wating on her to get my daughter one, My daughter has said to me that i have to get her one as i was the one that gave her it, and yes i agree with her, i do fell that i should get her one to replace it as i had no right giving my friend alone of it, but i also fell that my friend should be the one to replace it, but it looks like she is:nt going to. My friend has fallen out with me because of this. I fell so much anger towards her now, as i thought she was my friend, also i really did nt think that she would have broke it and i did belive that if she had she would have replace it, but how wrong was i , and now my daughter is upset with me, which she has a right, also now i have also lost my friend, am i really to blame? is it up to me to replace it,? can anyone please shed a light on what is right here because i don"t know any more please help
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If she was any kind of friend she wouldn't have put you in that position in the first place. She should definitely replace it,if she won't I guess you will have to.I wouldn't be her friend anymore though.At least you didn't lend her money !