Omg I Need Help!!!

It all hit home last night. Was sitting there having a beer thinking about all the stuff I need to get done in the near future when it hit me that I have never finished anything in my life.

I have a house that is hanging in pieces that needs to be finished to sell because I have spent myself into a real mess. thousands of little doable project which I keep putting off or try to get other people to do for me.

Have always been like this but my "sickness" was fueled back in the early 90's when I was basically given a ton of cash for doing not much of anything. I mean boot loads of money working in Japan doing absolutely nothing. A dream come true for the most part but when the money stopped coming in I tried to set up other sources of income. Had all the financial backing you could ask for in the form of a flush bank account.

Tried a couple of businesses which failed because I put too much trust and responsibility on partners. Invested in companies without doing the legwork to find out if it was viable or not.

I sit and think of ideas all day long and never do them even though some of them are excellent and other people have done them since.

So here I am now, I am in massive debt only backed by my property which I cant sell looking the way it is. I sit and dream of a smaller place (which I will be able to afford once I do sell). It is beautiful in my mind and everything on it is finished. It's clean and the dishes are always done. The grass is perfect. Boom! the realization that in my present state nothing like this is even possible!!! Even have a dream of building a house but with the onset of realization that in my present state it is an impossible task I come to you, what seems to be the perfect group, and ask you how can I fix myself?

Now I already know the answers. I know all of you know the answers, we know this because we have anyalized the heck out of it. What I need to know is how to point myself in the right direction and get going on this. I know I have reached the first big hurdle in excepting that there is a huge problem here and it goes all the way back to my childhood. I know that it was fueled by being given a whole bunch of something for nothing back in the 90's which has actually lasted me until now. I am useless in my present state and am in all honesty asking you guys if any of you have any answers to get me started on the road to (recovery? cant recover from something if you weren't right to begin with) .... The road to a happier life I guess
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Curious how you resolved this "realization". Into action is easier said than done, but at the end of the day, when you assess the neglect, action is the only course on the menu. You can live in the brain forever, but Action will bring forth thoughts into reality.
The question is willingness. How did you get "rolling".