Scrap These.

i have about 10 unfinished scrapbooks. i dont' even work on them really and whenever anybody asks about them i just reply with, "i'm too broke."

really, i'm not broke. i'm just not into scrapbooking as much as i use to be. i wish someone would just come and finish them for me so that i don't have to stare at the mess it makes in the arts and crafts room.
lazyker lazyker
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2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

Either finish them, or put them in the attic. Hell, bury them in the backyard if you must. Whatever it takes. You just have to get rid of them. LOL That way you can do something else, and not worry about them anymore. You can burn them or give them away if you want. LOL If you have any nieces or nephews you can have them finish them as a little art project.

Perhaps its time to just liberate them. No need to hang onto something you don't touch and just makes you feel guilty.