I Always Say That One Room At ...

I always say that one room at a time I will de-clutter, but I never stick to it, I end up doing a bit every where and the house looks worst then when I started
rosygal rosygal
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2007

I think you either have it or you dont, If am on speed , or got a drink in me then I can manage it, that is awfull to say but its the truth., but I have reasons for feeling like this, I had a fire in my house, but I guess thats an experience story I gotta write about. sory 4 blabbing but am drunk.

I do feel much better, but the clutter has started to creep back :(<br />
I think what worked for me if setting really small goals, allowing double the time I think they would take me, and keeping a list I could cross things off from - but don't put too much on that list, it just looks demoralising then.<br />
Good luck

Got any tips. lol. I cant get motivated no matter what, I have the best intentions but dont no where to start, do you feel better now your more de-clutterd.

Oh YES!!!!! I know that one very well ... I had to take an entire week off work in order to clean my house :(