2 Whole Days :(

Ahhh man, I hadnt talked to my honey in 2 whole days...until this morning! I was getting so worried, it was killing me. I hate when this happens. I start to think something bad happened or that I did something wrong. Ive always been this way, even before the deployment. Once, I didnt hear from him for days and ended up leaving a nasty text and voicemail .. turns out he was in the field (oops). I try to make sure I stop myself before I make one of those mistakes again lol. At least he was sweet about it. I apologized and his response was, "its ok...i know youre a little crazy"  :)

This time its a little different because he is now in Iraq...so, I get worried for obvious reasons. I was so happy to hear from him early this morning. Now, I can rest easily :)

MissingMySoldier80 MissingMySoldier80
26-30, F
Mar 1, 2010