I Care...even If You Don't Know It.

I have friends on EP who disappear from time to time. This is understandable. We all have lives besides the Internet. Right? But some of them, I have really gotten to know and care about. I have listened to their stories and talked with them about their problems. when they are gone, I miss them. I wonder if they are OK.

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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I feel the same way. There is this guy who goes by the name Shystar and just like me he collects ponies. <br />
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I have not really heard from him in a while and I do get worried. Another I just am worried our friendship is even working anymore because he was a mod who banned me from a club. It had more to do about how I felt on there than it had with what I said.<br />
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I have more friends on the net then I do in life so I am on all the time. If you want to send me a message It wont be long.