I was a teen school founder

When I was just barely a teen, I became seriously involved in founding a Sudbury school. I attended founders' meetings that lasted late into the night and did whatever I could to help start the school that I wish I had gone to since age 5. I had the privelage of attending the school for its first four years and taking a great part in the gradual formation of the school as a respectable establishment. The school is still in a legal battle with authorities for recognition, but I am confident that we will not be put down.
I am also practically certain that the conventional industial-era educations system we all know and hate across the Western world (and beyond) will, before long, crumble under its own weight as the paradigms it's based on lose credibility and become increasingly unconnected with the world around us. I will probably devote huge efforts throughout my adult life to promoting Sudbury education as the altenrative that should take the industrial system's place when the time comes (if anything needs to fill that space at all by then...)
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18-21, M
Oct 7, 2006