Inspiration Of This Weekend.

You all inspire me, I was wishing if only I had been as bold earlier on in life. I love how life has got me to my current place in society. I see my 7 adult children take on life, then there is the mirror looking back is a changeling at the mid point of life. Having lived on one side and now following a path to the other. Gender Dysphoria -- I call it having my insides be repulsed at my outsides and doing something about it. Talk about your questioning ones own feeling of self worth and sexual identity. My head was exploding, eaten from the inside out, finding that taking irreversible  steps on this path brings relief and security of my self image. Now 6 months into the walk of life, hormones have made changes, emotions have been effected, self worth grows daily it seems. The amazing feeling of hair on my forehead the first time since I was 19 9Thanks to the hair club) a full head of hair is now in place. My face hair now 50% gone forever the dark hairs were the first to go, self image jumps again. Social acceptance has been 99% positive friends, co-workers, employer, and family only wanting the best, The human spirit soars. Personal acceptance that there can be no doubt that this is the life saving path to walk. Freedom of inner oppression at my own hands, compression and suppression of the most inner being, now released to fly high. 


Labels of society fall away now meaningless in a most open and simple manner -- seeking personal love, self worth, and peace of soul -- male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, transvestite, bi, woman, man === all changed forever for many to become so limited in scope that are no longer needed. 


Have a good day, I step down from my wooden box.



Alasandra Alasandra
51-55, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

Oh very good hon! I'm still in my struggle, I do so admire you and how you have been true to yourself! You are very much an inspiration to your sisters!!!