What Single Clothing Item Makes You Feel Most Fem?

In another topic the subject came up -- 

What is the clothing item that you wear that makes you most feminine?

many many choices, Nylons, corsets, thongs (sigh) Bra's, Tampons (lol) the field is wide open, 

Alasandra Alasandra
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foe me a bra and pantie set followed by a nice dress

Nylons for sure.The best nylons on shaved lotioned legs make me feel as though I was in heavan.
Louise CD

The Bra. I loveto wear a bra

My pink babydoll nightie with matching crotchless panties!

Nylons are what make me feel the most feminine for sure.Then Heels and panties.<br />

For more short skirt love showing leg

For me it changes right now its tights and leotards. I really love all of it, but it can change with my mood.

I love dresses!

I would select a lovely bra (since I can choose one item).

you can elaborate to your hearts content hun.

I will say for me is a lovely dress. I love exquisite lingerie as every human does but the lovely dress is for everyone to see. It is our signature, our street sign. It says we are women and we can be pretty and you must take notice of this fact as I will not let your eyes escape my presentation. I also love the swimwear for the similar reason. It is scant and feminine and for all eyes. These are my favorites.

I agree with Cindy. I feel so feminine wearing a bra.

What could be more feminine than wearing a pretty bra?

The bra. I love to wear a bra.

So difficult to answer, but it is when I am wearing my furs.

My black leather thigh boots with a 5" spike heel.....there`s no way a man could even stand up in them, let alone walk

lol, you might be surprised!

I have a pair of 5" heels. Worn for about an hour until Igot a nose bleed.

For me...garter belts are the most feminine,and as such gi ve me the biggest charge.lately my wife caught me ************ in a pink sheer g string w/lace trim.she found that unacceptable attire for a man,and said pink was to be worn by girls only.now pink g strings turn me on like nuthin else....

Your wife is totally WRONG in that pink is NOT to be WORN by girls ONLY!!!! IT was ORIGINALLY a BOYS COLOR back in the 20's-30's until the cosmetic companies & the royal Buckingham Palace nursery chose blue color for a boy instead of PINK which is a BOYS color. Department stores were slowing changing gender colors also. I wear a PINK SATINIQUE mens shirt & a pink satin tie to go with it. Whats so wrong in that?? I think your wife needs to be a little less gender straight jacketing a bit. Just my thought & observation.

I don't really have just one favorite,it's the whole package deal. I really have to say it's my mind.

Short skirts shaved legs and heels makes me feel most femme

The most effective thing to make me feel fem is having my make up on. And of all make up it's the lipstick I love most. <br />
For an item of clothing it's probably a pair of suspender-look panty hose. <br />
I like putting a bra on because it gives me a more feminine shape.

A lace brassiere of course , als otampons R not clothing , I do wear a long overnite pad in my panties , and for the same reason as a woman, hygiene

My corset, single item, but especially with panties and a bra. Makes me feel so sexy and desirable!!

Tee-shirt with buttons and leave undone an appropriate number depending on where I am going. Two normally but if there will be boys to impress then 3. Then put on nice necklace.

I gotta say bra. At the desk......panties, bra, tee-shirt<br />
OH yeah! Thank you for reminding me! I am home alone all day, no one will come<br />
down to do laundry.................which dress should I put on? hmmmmmmm

I love everything already mentioned but what makes me feel the most feminine is that moment when I snug up my favourite silk panties next to my skin and roll a pair of stockings up my freshly shaved legs .. the rest is just icing on the cake ..lol

stockings, heels short skirt for me.

Is it ok to say every article,from the panties to the dress and all in between,up and down?

This is a difficult choice as I like all feminine items of dress. If I have to choose one it would be the bra followed closely by a girdle. Once I have slipped into these I feel so feminine and inwardly and outwardly.

A skirt brushing against my legs and heels on my feet. Nothing better than that!

Just a bra! And I love the rest of the clothes too.

I would have to say a long flowing dress and high heels.

LOL I had hoped this would stir things up, and you all are not letting me down. Thanks!!!

Oh it is so hard to pick just one! But for me it is high heels. They force you to stand and walk like a woman.

Long skirts and hippie type dresses with sandals.

I would love wearing hippie dresses with you and also long skirts. Enjoy Jerry

I will name an outfit "Skirt, silk Tee, bra, panties, and a half slip or petticoat"

it is so hard to choose I know.

For me its a bra nothing defines femininity more, but I also love leggings for comfort and looks