Phantom Female Parts

I came across a interesting article the other day about transsexuals both male and female having feelings of having either phantom vaginas and breasts in T-girls or having a penis in T-guys.  It was very interesting to read all the comments to this article of TGs having this feeling.  It amazed me because I have felt that way since puberty.  I have always been aware of my breasts and felt like that should be so much bigger than they are.  It's as if my brain expects them to be where and therefore they should be.  Same with what is between my legs.  I never felt at home with my male genitalia, like it was grated on to me and is not really mine.  I've always felt there should be an opening there.  My sexual arousal is usually one of warmth down there.  When my nipples are suckled and played with I very much feel that I have a vagina.  I can feel it slip and get warm and hot and How I would so love for it to be......well you know.  

Any other girls here had those feelings?


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this is very interesting because i have always thought of my anus as my vagina and when i get horny it does get all wet and puckers, lmfao........ and now that my breast are growing it feels more natural for me to have them

I don't have exact phantom feelings but I often ****** during anal sex. If the sex is very good and if he is gifted and I am very aroused, I will often achieve ****** with no stimulation to my penis. My mind says it is my vagina and my feelings are he is in my vagina, I rarely need more than a good f'ing to be satisfied. I also feel warm when I am around a sexy man. Is this like you describe?

yes, my dear, it is like that. though I see my backdoor as a substitute for the real thing.

Very interesting. I had not heard about this before, but it absolutely fits for me. I think I was 5 or 6 when I first dreamed about having breasts like a woman. For years I have thought that they should be bigger and felt what they would be like. This is one of the big reasons I had my nipples pierced: so they would enlarge and become more sensitive. (BTW, they have.) I have been able to achieve ****** through only breast and nipple stimulation a few times. It was quite intense. <br />
<br />
That said, I enjoy my penis :-) and welcome the end result. There have been times though that I have been anally stimulated and achieved ****** without an erection. That was also quite satisfying and intense.<br />
<br />
So I find myself intensely conflicted about where I go from here.

Interesting Elle because I know exactly what your talking about. As I've gotten older much has changed in "how" I experience *******. No longer is it from very hard erections and such. Now...if my breasts are sucked long enough...I can can experience an "O" without ever being touched down there and they are extremely fulfilling! Also we tend to use a vibrator down there on me more often and I am delighted in the thought that I now ****** just like a Woman in many ways. Seems the older I get the closer I get to becoming the "HER" within me. Fantastic!

Yes Elle I have had these same feelings most of my life, though most of my life I ignored it. Then a few years ago the feeling started to get stronger, I don't know now how many times that I have had very real feeling like there was a man making love to me. I have even had what could only be described as a vaginal ******, associated with the feelings a man thrusting into me and filling my vagina.

I haven't had the man thrusting feelings but I've definitively had the vaginal ****** feeling.

Funny you should mention it, but, when I get turned on, sometimes it is externally and sometimes it's internally. I've never talked about it coz I've always felt a little wierd about the internal feeling. A stiffy is obvious, and easy to satisfy. The other feeling is neither.<br />
The internal feeling is aroused by different things. It comes with a shoegasam, a pretty dress, feeling chased, and thinking about dressing up. Wrighting this now is triggering it.<br />
It starts right at the ba<x>se of my pennis, kinda where **** flesh joins ball sack, but also somewhere between ball sack and butt hole. From there it goes strait in and up. I think it kinda meets up with the deepest point I've ever reached in my anal passage. It twinges kinda like the muscle you use to stop a pee, and makes me clamp my thighs together. It usually comes with a flush of my cheeks and a long deep breath or two. Sometimes it comes and goes quickly sometimes it lasts hours.<br />
In contrast, the typically male stiffy is aroused by a cleavage shot, a big wobbly butt or the touch of a woman. These are easilly 'brushed off'.<br />
On occasions I'll get the two sensations together. On those occasions, if I get to pleasure myself externally and internally, the effects are literally mind blowing. Like great sex, it leaves me exhausted, sweaty, giggley, throbbing, and speechless.<br />
Is that the sort of thing you are talking about?

Yes, similar to that. I think you've had it better than me though!