How Did You Feel About Your Body In The Mirror

Hi girls,
I know this subject has been beaten to death in one form or another, but does anyone want to describe to me your feeling and intensity of disassociation with your pretransitioned male body naked in the mirror? My therapist and I talked about this, and she's dealt with a lot of trans people, but I wanted to know firsthand from a trans woman what that shear intensity(or moderate amount) of dissonance between body image and self-concept feels like exactly. Sorry for being so analytical, it's been one of those days. Love you all.
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I have learned to love my breasts and vulva. My wife understands how I feel since we are now the same sex Lesbian love is so much better, no ED worries and no messy cleanup!

First off I wanted to welcome you to the coffee shop. <br />
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I am 55, the past 2.5 years were spent in growing disgust at my body, I was overweight, no longer really enjoying my wife attentions and felt like I just did not fit anymore. I hat not been dressing for over 5 years, The moment I put on that first pair of panties and a bra a feeling washed over me that is so difficult to put into words. It was a breath of relief, a sigh and a welcome home party all in one. I will add more later as it is time to depart for todays employment task.

Hi Ali, thank you for the warm welcome. It's nice to hear a friendly voice.

I am so glad your wife has stood by you and supported you regardless of your gender. I think that kind of support of each other in a marriage says way way more about what the "sanctity of marriage" is than supporters of DOMA claim is inherent within a "traditional marriage".
BTW, You look amazing in your photos!

Thank you for your kind words, I am slowly emerging as the person I truly am. Life is good.