About Face Hair Removal Via Laser And Electrolsis

I am using both laser and elect, laser only works on dark hair against fair skin. The darker the skin, or the whiter the hair the less effective it is.

I had quite a full bush mustache and beard on the chin that was still dark, I have had 1 treatment and it has been 6 weeks with no sign that there is any dark hair left growing. Despite the rumors, once the follical is damaged to not grow chair by the laser it will never grow hair again.

The elect is used for grey to white hairs, mostily my side chops, under the chin and some on both upper and lower lips. I have had 6x treatments of elect, each time removing the hair one by one and an hour costs $65, and it removes roughly 250 hairs covering an area about a 3" circle.

This will have to be done several time I am told as electr only does slight damage to the follical each pass so eventually it too ceases to grow hair.

The results I have had to the single laser is nothing short of amazing, but then the flash does warm a spot up to almost 300 degrees F in an instant and it feels like the tip of a very hot knife was placed on your skin then removed.  I was told this is not typical and usually needs 3-4 treatments, the cost was $175 for the full face and front neck areas. It took 25 minutes to complete.

Both make use of a creme of Lanocain which numbs up the surface of the skin reducing the pain. You apply a thick coat and then place saran wrap pieces over the top to reduce the evaporation while you get your butt to the office lol.

Elect pain is varying from nothing to a wasp sting if you have ever had it, it takes a moment to fade away lingering and reminds me that there is a price to pay for beauty 

I have less then 25% of white hair only and most of my face is on the 2nd pass thru with the electro, I have very easy to see areas where it takes now 2 weeks to see stubble that is white anyways, any my face skin with the work of the hormones has turned very soft, and of coarse I do a nightly routine on my face with lotions and things, and a face mud every weekend the past 3. 

My nose and ear hairs are kept up using a cutter I bought on ebay for $10, it uses AA batteries and is simple as anything to use. 

Details make me feel right, these things have helped me feel better every day, I seem to have a smile on most of the time something my family said has been missing.

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I am glad to hear you are smiling. If I noticed a common thread on youtube posts it was how many t girls have big happy content grins from one ear to the other! In comparison to their earlier posts, their smiles seem to widen as the girls walked further along the road of transition!
Keep smiling Ali

Except for my face my body hair grows slowly. I shave my legs arms under arms chest once a week. My wife jokingly calls me a little ***** because she has stubble after one day. My face is a different story. I have stubble after six hours. I can get it really smooth if I shave twice. Even in the closet me and wifey poo have talked about me getting electrolysis on my face. She hates my facial hair about the same as I do. I would probably get my chest next. Saving the last appendages for the ones that are traditional to shave anyway.

not having face hair is something I should have done long ago. If your face hair is dark then it can cost as little as $150 for a 30 min session every 8 weeks. only 2 -3 sessions are needed 8 weeks apart and you will never have to shave again. Its an amazing feeling and yes my wife loves my face shaved it no longer scratches her thighs.

Didnt realize so little time and money. As far as the thighs comment. That's why I sometimes shave twice a day,LOL. I will do this soon. Thanks for the info. If I can't find anyone here that's competitively priced. Dallas is only 5 hrs away.

I have changed my technician for getting laser and electrolsis treatments for hair removal. The new place is in Danvers, MA behind the Liberty Tree mall. nice quiet location, she does both right there in her office and the machines she has are top of the line and half of the pain. The machine is an 'Cynosure Apogee Elite Yag 1064nm/755nm laser system. It washes your entire face in cold air at 38 degrees while the laser is active which had almost half of the pain involved in the shoot then cool machine my last tech had. I state the machine brand and type so if you are looking into it it really does make the difference. This lady has been doing both for over 15 years now and says this is a machine she just bought in the past 4 months and has rave reviews about it ever since, I agreed with her that it did make a huge difference.<br />
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Enough with that -- I have had my 2nd round of laser on my full face and neck now, and 8x 1hr sessions for electo removal of the white/grey hairs. My face is getting so smooth now and the feeling is very soft with only a weekly shave needed now. <br />
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The price of beauty -- worth it all.

Last night when I went for my weekly treatment I did ask about the permanence of the laser work. She told me that there are some 2,000 per sq inch of skin. The laser treatment does stop all hair growth on a permanent basis and is irreversible. What can be happening is that some of the other dormant folicols are becoming active. Once the results are achieved, she has many clients that come in for annual or semi-annual tune-ups to cover any that do become active. She said the results from electrolysis and laser are the same causing damage to the folicol so that future hair growth is no longer present. The elect weaken the follicol every time you have it done eventually after several treatments the follicol becomes unable to grow hair. <br />
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My chin is being worked on now, it is feeling the love this morning lol.<br />
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As always your friend, <br />

Agree with what Wet Marie says. <br />
Electrolysis is slow but it's the only way that is known to be permanent. <br />

little bee stings all over lol

Anyway good luck with ongoing depilation. I would love to have mine done too. Just had body hair done so far.

Electrolysis if done properly should work first time. As all my facial hair was fair and soft, electrolysis was my only option and I have had nothing come back after only one pass.

on the places I have the second round I don't expect more to follow. I am almost ready to start with laser under my arms and my whole chest. Not too thrilled at my boobs being burned though...

Awesome. I need to do this too.