Here Is A List Of Books For The Spouses Of M>f Transgender Individuals.

"Head over Heels"  by Virginia Erhardt, phd  wives who stay with x-dressers and Transsexuals.

"She's not the man I married" by Helen Boyd -- my life with a transgender husband (on HRT but no surgeries. my story and I believe yours as well) 

Helen also wrote "My husband Betty" which I have not yet read but I hear it is a very well written book.

"My husband wears my clothes" by Peggy J Rudd -- Crossdressing from the wife's perspective.

"Who is really from Mars and Venus > -- by Peggy J Rudd -- the tale of 2 genders in one body.

"Crossing Sexual Boundaries -- by J Ari kane0DeMaios and Vern L Bullough -- transgender journeys and uncharted paths. *This is several studies and testimonies, Igot a lot out of this book.)

"The Bliss of becoming one!" by Rachel Miller -- on integrating Feminine feelings into the male psyche .

Here is my list,  I hope they do as much for you as they have done for me. I was able to find most at Amazon, and found a few cheaper on ebay.

Hugs and let me know if this helps.
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Is this a local group and if so where are we going for coffee.

I got a lot out of that book, Betty made entries in the last part of the book that states her side of it all I don't believe I could put the words and thoughts together as well as she did. It had a lot for my wife and me. Crossing sexual boundaries gave me a lot to think about too. And my wife's fav is Head over heels, it gave her a broad perspective of choices and opened her eyes up so that I am able today to be able to dress comfortably at home almost 24/7 now. Only when we know friends are coming over do I make any attempt to go neutral in my clothes choices.

I read a review of "My Husband Betty" which got an excellent rating from the reviewer. It sounds quite good.