Things I Would Tell

Me and my wife were having a disagreement today. My being transgender came into play; even though the issue, to me anyway, didn't have anything to do with it. After nerves calmed, I asked my bride why my being transgender was brought up. She said that right now that colors her perception of me. It actually came up because I was in Guy mode, and I didn't take advice. Anyway, I started playing the what if game. What if I told her three years ago? The same she would have stayed. What if I told her before we adopted the kids? Yes we still would have adopted. What if when we started dating? Don't know. Probably not. That made me play own what I asked what would Brenda Karen tell 15 year old Bradley.

I tell him to not play football because it was the Guy thing to do. I would tell him don't be afraid to listen to Madonna or Culture Club. I would tell him that if he wanted to have a relationship with the beautiful but very plus sized girl he was enamored with to do it. If your friends make fun of you its time for new friends. It's OK to like Pretty in Pink better than the nightmare on elm street series. When mom comes home and finds her closet and makeup in disarray tell her the honest truth. Don't make fun of the effeminate gay Guy on the tennis team, you are transgender and a lesbian. You are kindred souls. In college stay away from Business and political science. You like fashion design, go to the art institute and become a designer. When you become close to the transgender girl take her advice. Come out. Don't join the Army- even if you can do 500 push ups and get to keep your Estee Lauder skin care set during basic training because of it. Be honest with your wife from the beginning. Come out of the closet. When your mom is in the hospital with leukemia go back and kiss her on the forehead because you will forget and she will be gone the next day. Hold on to your wife and kids because the rest of your family will dessert you...and you wont even come out of the closet for them. Be honest with your wife. Take baby steps, but tell her you want to transition. Tell her you definitely want hormones, but you are unsure about srs. Dance with her in the rain just like always and tell her how wonderful she truly is for accepting you. Take her hand and walk slowly down the t pathway
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This is good advice for those younger people starting out on their journey. Don't deny your true self as the pain of letting it go on only gets more intense the longer you deny it. It also can lead to more serious complications as we witnessed recently with someone taking their own life.