Another Crossroad Traversed -- Name Change Is Filed ...

It is done with a shakey hand I entered the post office looking left and right as I see who is there. I gingerly select a large envelope, slide my birth cert and the for for my name change with a check for $165 into the envelope, close it up and steady my hand to write the address on it. I walk up to the window shaking, the woman looks at me and asks if everything is ok. I slide the envelope to her, explaining I am sending my name change form into probate court, I'm joining the sisterhood today. She smiled large, took my envelope affixed the postage explaining it will be there first thing in the morning some 32 miles away from my current location. She tosses it into a bin, comes around the counter gives me a big hug and says welcome to sisterhood. I thank her head to my car and cry my eyes out, realizing this monumental task that is now finally done.
Alasandra Alasandra
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Yay! Good for you! Now don't forget the driver's license, social security, work, your bank etc etc... And you're gonna get mail in your old name for months!

I posted in the "T-GURLS COFFEE SHOP" topic my list of places to correct. This has been a local place where we post helpful and fun stories.

Good for you Alasandra! That is a pretty name! If I ever get to go to Charles Ro, a train store outside of Boston, I would love to meet with you and your wife if you want! I would just like to talk as a friend about whatever! In your response below many kudos to you for the way you reacted! You are WONDERFUL!! I hope to meet you in person some day! God Bless you and the ones in your family who truely support you!

I would like to meet my EP friends, I am actually in Cape Ann east of boston by 20 minutes or so. Certainly up to meeting you, my wife may pass she is trying to get a handle on me first let along this new life style and friends that come along with the package deal with me.

On acceptance --when a TG friend told me that her family had cast her out, I responded with this I learned today -- they are normal we are special, only those who qualify can really know us, I lost a brother and now 2 step daughters today it seems, when I came in the room they left, when I went outside they came in. after 5 minutes itold my wife I was walking home.<br />
<br />
She gathered up her stuff and we left the wake for a close family friends mom who died. When we asked why we were lwaving I told them to aks XX and YY and how they treat me, I dod not have to take it and we were out of there. I am sure when we left they both had a talking to y others there. it will be ok, I know now that they are just normal, and I am special<br />
only thiose whom I choose will continue to associate me. <br />
<br />
Rember to my friends it is all about self worth and how we view ourselves. We are special, they are normal, we choose who associates with us not the other way around. This way you only have support in place. Think about this.

My mourning period has been ongoing these past 2days saying goodby personally to a side of me that will in turn become the costume I have to wear very occasionally in the future. Today I have a life celebration to go to and will be as dave as I can for the neighborhood we live in. My hair is well beyond dave so it is what it is I will wear this less and less as we go on from here.

Way to go Ali

Congratulations Ali, Yes welcome to the the sisterhood.<br />
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Don't forget to visit your local Massachusetts State Revenue and the Internal Revenue Offices, I nearly forgot them when I did mine.

I will contact H &amp; R for those. I pay them enough every year anyways.

The cost in Ma was $165 for filing the name change in court, then you have to go to get your drivers license changed (for me Im getting my gender marker changed too) so that it will indicate a Female vs a male on the license, this will probably be $50, then I go to the social security office and have my SS card and gender changed so that my paychecks and bank stuff works out. Then you have to make copies of the name change court decree and send a copy to each of the 3 credit reporting agency's in the US. Then with the court document in hand you visit your banks, and anything you have financial like loans,credit cards, utility bills etc... but the important 3 is the court change, ss and your license. your empolyer will need to see it and have payroll modified so that the money you make gets credited to your SS number for retirement. Yes there is a lot to changing your name.

Congratulations Ali. I have to go the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to change my name.

Congratulations Ali!