A Letter To One Of My Girlfriends Asking About My Feminine Side...

Hi beautiful,
It would be hard for me to go out in public as Monika with facial hair. Monika is my female name I use outside of ep and Annie is my ep name. I would have to shave and wear a wig then I might pull it off in public. I do wear a bra and panties under my clothes most of the time especially when I go get a massage. The Chinese girls love it... it turns them on and the different lingerie I wear. When I get my massage it could be a massage day or it could be a sex day and the day where I actually need a massage its a sex day. So I leave the place still feeling the same as I went in but happy lol. Its funny part of me wants to be muscular like a body builder and the other part of me wants to be feminine and sexy. I guess I can be a female body builder lol... either way Monika is the stronger of the two personalities for now. But working with mostly all guys I have to be more male or you would never hear the end of it that your gay, *** or sissy. Lol... being Monika dosen't make you gay it means you would like to be a woman. My company has me on a project in San Diego so I been living out of a hotel for almost two years now. At least living out of a hotel I can be Monika when am there. I would leave my teddy out and the maids would lay it back on the bed or I would leave my pink vibrator on the night stand or my 10inch black **** *****. I wonder what they think... or are they using my vibrator on themselves. The bathroom sink has my tampons in the cornor and my perfume bottle is there to. I have had the maids come into my room to clean and caught me without clothes several times. Where I just got out of the shower or getting out of bed to answer the door. One time I was on the toilet like a woman with just my bra on when the maid came in. I didn't have time to do anything close the door or hide lol. So I stood up and she looked at me with my bra on and my big **** showing. That must of gave her a Kodak moment memory lol.
lots of love

cumslutannie cumslutannie
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

so sweet! Love the idea of being caught in my lingerie! I did also get "caught" by the maids wearing a short skirt and a victoria's secret "i love VS" top on in Key West! It was a fab turn on!

It's so fun getting caught being a woman. I think we do it on purpose to show are inner self. I love Key West... I can't wait to go back.

Mmm! Nice sexy post!

Oh my goodness I was excited by your story. I set my self up to be caught but never thought of doing so in a Hotel situation. I may try this in the future and report on the results.