And It Was Interesting

Hehe. It's almost over, though. Fifteen days, and I'll be legal.

The good news was, being in college means my parents no longer have any real influence over what I do, which is nice. Otherwise I woulda had to wait another year for that freedom. The sucky part is, you get a lot more paperwork when you're under 18. For example, filing for housing for next year was a pain, 'cause it happened in February, which meant I had to have my parents sign the physical form and fax it in instead of filling it out online, which would have been much easier.

That is completely silly. I can't be trusted to decide where I'm going to live in May, when I am 18, apparently.

I think there should be a bit more of a "maturity" aspect to the "okay, you're an adult now" thing. I know many 16-year-olds who should not under any circumstances be allowed to drive, and I also know some 16-year-olds who raise their younger siblings, due to their parents being unfit for parenting. Having "adulthood" boiled down to how many times you've been around the sun is an archaic concept indeed.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Thank you! I'm a creative writing major (and scared to death of having people who know what they're doing actually read my crap), so the compliment is appreciated. c:

Totally agree. I also like the way you write :)