Mom's Pantyhose

It all started for me with my Mom's pantyhose. I was about 6 or 7, and was helping my Mother clean out some old clothes of hers. She had a couple of old pairs of pantyhose, and I slipped a pair on to see how they felt. She didn't seem to mind, so I wore them around the house for the night. From that night on, I was hooked!

Later, I would sneak my Mom's pantyhose and my sister's leotard and would wear them together like I saw the girls in our neighborhood wearing them. I later had my first ****** dressed like this.

A couple of years later, my Mom and aunt dressed my cousin and I like girls -- we wore bodysuits, pantyhose, mini skirts, and go go boots and wigs. We were adorable, and got lots of compliments on our outfits.
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Great story which rings so true for me as well. Many thanks!

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mom let me wear her sheer energy instead of long underwear anmd that was it for me!<br />
been i nthem ever since almost daily now

Nice story,I think a lot of us started the same way,I wore my moms and my older sis,I got caught by my big sis,she never laughed,cried, nothing and she never told either.Thanks for sharing,there is nothing better than going out as a girl,I used to do it very often,but its been a while.

I guess we all started out with mom's stuff. I still love how it feels. The though of getting caught really makes it better

You have great mom... i wish my mom be like your: open minded...

Nice story i got started when i was just turned 13 and my mom dressed me as a girl in my sister's clothes as a punishment when i wouldn't stop crying for some reason i now forget. After thge initial humiliation i found i liked it and have been at it now ever since

I got started by trying on my mom's pantyhose too. I was about 12 at the time. My first ****** happened while wearing pantyhose.

How I wished my mom had dressed me.

Loved your story. I alsso wore moms clothes.