Moms Big Silky Panties!

I remember the first time I tried on womens clothes so vividly. I was about 12 at the time. I remember seeing my moms panties in the bathroom one time and touching them and they felt so silky smooth and I was really curious about how it might feel if I were to wear them. This went on for awhile, I would fantasize about her underwear but did not have the courage to take a pair. One day, I couldnt take it anymore, I had to try it. I waited for my mom to get in the shower, listening intently as she started the water and got in. I knews I had about 20 minutes. I ran to her room and the top drawer of her dresser. When I opened it, I was greeted with a great assortment of nylon full brief panties in different colors. I felt a few different ones and decided on a nice silky pink pair of size 8 briefs. I ran to my room and ******** down naked. I was already hard as I unfolded the panties then slowly stepped into them and pulled them on. The feeling was amazing! I was absolutely swimming in silky nylon heaven! They were so big on my skinny body. The waistband was at least 2 inches above my bellybutton and they totally engulfed my little hard **** and completely covered my little butt and were very baggy. I absolutely loved it! I grabbed my hard **** and stroked slowly and very quickly came to a climax. All of a sudden, the front got very wet as i squirted stream after stream of hot *** right inside my moms panties. I had never came before, it was like an eruption! My knees feel weak as I moaned in pleasure emptying my balls into moms big pink nylon panties. I started to panic when I was done, knowing she would find them. I tried to wipe out all the ***, then I quickly returned them to the drawer, putting them on the bottom and getting back to my room before she got out of the shower. I was so scared of getting caught, but at the same time it felt so good and was alot of fun. That was my first time in moms panties, but not my be continued
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1 Response May 15, 2011

Mom's Panties were the first pair I tried on too..So wonderfully sensuous. I was addicted and was constantly into the laundry or my mom's panty drawer, and like you slipping them on and ************, but always trying not to leave any trace,,but I did sometimes..just could not help it. That was 50 years ago and I'm still enjoying the silky sensual delight of panties and dressing fully. But panties always set the tone to my feminine feelings.