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Dad Caught Me

when i was 10 i was wearing my moms slips and lingerie around the house when no one was at home . my dad left to work early and came back late, my mom left at 9 and back at 5. so i would dress up in summer time, with no school, i would be dressed all day. i loved wearing her nightgowns and chemises, i felt like her. so one day all dressed up in her chemise and panties garterbelt and thigh highs, i was in the dinning rm and the back door opened, it was my dad he took a half day. he walked right in on me and i stood there in shock, he grabbed me by the arm and spanked me softly on the butt a few times, he asked me if i like acting like mom, and i didnt say anything. he spanked me alot more, telling me to slowly lift up my chemise, so he could smack my satin covered butt, so i did and he spanked me more but still softly. i wasnt sure what was going on, he asked if i like being dressed like mom and i said yes. he said you know your mom likes to be spanked when shes bad too. he sat down at the kitchen table and told me to stand there and turn around slowly, so i did, he then asked me to go out to his car and get a pack of smokes for him. it was the middle of the day, so i went outside and got the smokes, what an exciting time for me, when i came back in, he had me stand by the sink. i stood there for a half hour not saying anything. then a knock on the door and he told me to answer the door, i was in a chemise what was he doing to me, it was bad enough to go outside ,now i have to answer the door like this. it was his coworker the were going fishing, so when i got to the door and let him in he smiled and looked at my dad, whats going on here jack, my dad said this is my new little wife. she looks and acts just like the wife, so i will treat her that way, my dad asked how long i was doing this dressup stuff and i told him few years. he told me to walk over by his friend and slowly slide my chemise up so his buddy could spank my little satin bottom. i did as i was told and his coworker rubbed and spanked me. my dad said to keep me company while he loaded the boat, soon as he was out of site his coworker pushed me to the counter head first and rubbed my butt and kissed my neck, the he started to grid on me against my satin panties, dad walked back in and said he was ready to go, so they both left to go fishing.
sissyforever sissyforever 41-45 5 Responses Jun 18, 2011

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can you tell me more

Flippin hot except for where it states the kid is ten years old. Would of been better if he was eighteen years old

Very sexy!!! Wish that happened to me!

isn't that considered as **********?

no but my dad always had card games at the house and i would dress up for the guys and sit on there laps, they would hold me like i was a good luck charm. i could always feel who got hard when i sat on their lap after awhile