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A Panty Fantasy- Mom's Naughty Pantyboy

The phone rang. I innocently picked it up but heard the distinct sound of a male voice cooing into the phone “I want you to put your Mother’s pink nylon panties on for me pantyboy!” As soon as I heard this I began to feel aroused in the white nylon panties I was wearing and felt myself sliding against the silky material.

We had an agreement- I had to do anything he wanted as long as it had to with Mom’s panties. I had no choice. He made me do many naughty things in the past, things that embarrassed and humiliated me. The last time we were together he made me go panty shopping and tell the clerk that the panties were both for my Mother and for myself. I told him he was out of his mind and begged and pleaded with him to change his mind but he wouldn’t. I was stuck. I HAD to follow thru on this. All the way to the store I kept pleading with him, saying it was too humiliating and couldn’t I just buy the panties quietly and leave as this would be shameful enough. He had none of it an insisted I go thru with it. I got him to agree to let me go in alone, promising, as I had to, that I would do as he asked and confess to the matronly saleswoman that the panties were for Mom and me. As I stood at the check out counter, however, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye in the background. He wanted to make sure I said the humiliating words- and with him standing there it made it so much more embarrassing for me.

Without hesitation, I put the phone down and went thru my drawers to find Mother’s pink nylon Sensation panties.

Mom had always worn white all her life but when she caught on that I was stealing her panties occasionally I began to notice a couple of pink and even a pair of blue panties in her drawer. I knew she bought them because of me and figured she was sending a message to stop. After all, a single pair of pink panties missing from a group of white ones would be easily missed. I had counted on Mom not noticing because her panties had always been plain, white tailored full cut briefs and it would be easy to overlook a single pair missing. On top of that, I only took one pair a year, think I could fool her. This worked for a while but after I stole around 10 pairs over the years she began to suspect me.

Sliding Mom’s panties up my legs made me tremble a bit, especially knowing that my pantyboy friend was waiting on the phone. He was always naughty with me in one way or another, telling me what lingerie to put on for him and saying naughty things to me that he knew would get me excited- and he knew when I got excited I was prone to do very naughty things at his suggestion. By the time I had them pulled up all the way I looked down and noticed there was already a tiny little wet spot on Mom’s panties.

When I got back to the phone I told him I was wearing Mom’s panties for him. He said “Good. Now I’m going to come over and have some naughty fun with you!”

“Wh-what do y-you mean?” I stammered but with that I heard a click and a dial tone. I knew he was on the way over and would be here shortly. I trembled a bit in anticipation of what he had in mind this time. He was always humiliating me and embarrassing me, making me feel so ashamed for wearing my Mother’s underwear. He knew this turned me on something fierce, too.

He would often touch me in Mom’s panties and fondle me gently until I came all over them. This was so humiliating but then after that it got even worse. After feeling completely spent and drained of all erotic panty lust I was left with only the shameful, humiliating and embarrassing thoughts. He knew this and would start asking questions that made me feel even more ashamed.

“You liked that, didn’t you? You liked ******* all over your Mom’s panties. You liked being fondled in your Mommy’s panties, didn’t you? You liked being touched by a man in your Mommy’s panties, didn’t you?”

Each question was like a blow to me, causing my face to redden and shame to deepen. I almost felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die but also knew that the memories of this shaming just made me ********** in Mom’s panties that much more when I was feeling playful and horny.

He came over with a couple bottles of wine and we preceded to dress in all sorts of lingerie- panties and slips and nighties and gowns, most of them Mother’s. He knew it drove me crazy to see another man in my Mother’s panties and would touch himself in front of me in them. Seeing his stiff erection in Mom’s panties drove me wild and he knew it. Just thinking that both he, my Mom and I all had worn the same pair, thinking all of us had felt the same silky material on our bodies and even *********** in them made me very aroused.

Within a short while he asked me to stand up in front of him. I knew what was coming next. He was going to begin touching me in my Mom’s panties, fondling me gently, playing with me and teasing me until I would be begging him for release. He loved teasing me like this and would sometimes fondle me for hours, getting me right on the verge of ******* but then stopping and waiting til I calmed down before he would start the cycle all over.

This time was a little different, tho. As I began to moan at his gentle touch he instructed me to pick up the phone and dial my Mother!!!

“Call her!” he demanded.

“W-why? Wh-what are you going to do?”

“Never mind! You’ll see. Just call her. Do it, pantyboy! Now!”

“O-ok” I mumbled. I was shaking so badly I misdialed several times but finally heard my Mother pick up the phone.


“H-hi, Mom,” I said nervously.

“Is that you, Dale? You sound so quiet. Speak up! What’s on your mind?”

My pantyboy friend was listening in as best he could. “Tell her you are wearing her panties right now.”

My eyes widened in shock! I was horrified! How on Earth could I say such a thing to my Mother?! This would humiliate me beyond belief! To say such a thing to your own Mother would be shocking…horrifying…..humiliating! How could I do such a thing? How could he ask me to?

But he knew what he was doing. He knew this would humiliate and shame me. Knew it would arouse me and get me excited. Knew it would get me wet in my Mom’s panties.

I HAD to do it. And the way he was touching my panty covered penis left me no choice. I was weak in the knees, shaking and trembling. It felt so good- and so naughty. He fingered the tip of my wet spot lightly and I began to moan softly, forgetting that I was even on the phone with my Mother.

“Dale? Are you still there? Did you just say something?”

I snapped to attention, embarrassed that I had moaned softly into the phone without even realizing it. “Y-yes, Mom. I’m here.”

“Well, what did you want to tell me?”

“Go ahead pantyboy! Tell her! Tell her you are wearing her pretty pink panties! Do it! Do it now!” my pantyboy friend kept urging me.

My blood pleasure rose and I felt as if I had left my body and was now watching down on it from about two feet over my head. It was the strangest feeling! I was watching myself as the words came spilling out of my mouth- almost as if in slow motion. And once the first sound was made I could not stop the rest of the flow of words that would shock Mother.

“Mom…. I-I’m wearing your pretty pink panties right now!”

“You’re WHAT?! Oh, Dale! How COULD you?” came Mom’s startled reply. “What is wrong with you, Dale? How could you do such a thing? My pink panties?? You’re wearing my pink panties?! What’s gotten into you?”

The questions only served to embarrass me further and make me feel more ashamed- and aroused! The wet spot in Mom’s panties was much larger now and the pantyboy kept fingering it and teasing me as I shook in front of him.

“Tell her what I am doing to you in her panties. Tell her I am touching you in her panties. Tell her that a man is fondling you in her pink panties!” came the command as he slid his free hand all over the slippery nylon of Mom’s pink panties.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Mom….. I- I don’t know…. I- ooooooohhhhhhhh- I can’t help it, Mom. I can’t help it!” I couldn’t believe I was moaning into Mom’s ears, that she was hearing me like this, hearing me being fondled in panties- her panties!

“Tell her pantyboy or I’ll stop touching you! Tell her a pantyboy is touching you in her pretty panties! Go on! Do it!”

“M-mom…. I- I- I… Mom! He’s touching me in your panties!”

“What did you say, Dale? Who’s touching you? Who’s there with you?”

“Go on, pantyboy! Answer your Mom’s questions. You know the routine!” he commanded.

Whenever I was wearing Mom’s panties I had to tell the absolute truth- no matter what the question, no matter how embarrassing. I HAD to answer Mom’s question- and truthfully.

“M-mom…. There is a pantyboy here….. and he is touching me… fondling me in your pretty panties!” I blurted out. I felt even more shame and humiliation and my face must have turned crimson red by this point. “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” I moaned as the pantyboy fondled me rewardingly for confessing to Mom what was happening to me.

“A WHAT? A ‘pantyboy’? Did you say a ‘pantyboy’ was there touching you?”

“Y-yes Mom!” I whispered back, my lower lip trembling as I said it. I was almost in tears by this point. I felt like electricity was flowing thru my veins. My panty covered penis slid in Mom’s panties and made another wet spot in the front of Mom’s panties. My pantyfriend slid his fingertips on either side of the bulging outline of my naughty panty *****. I moaned softly again. It was so shameful to confess these naughty things to Mom- and even naughtier to be making ‘sex noises’ over the phone to her!

Finally, I got up the nerve to muster the words to plead with the pantyboy to stop. “P-please!!!! Please stop. Stop it! Please!” But he would not listen to me, gliding his fingertip this way and that over the front of my Mom’s silky soft pink panties. “Please!!! Stop!!!!” But it was no use- and I knew it.

“Dale! What is going on over there?!” my Mom demanded.

“Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the only reply I could make at that point. This was sooooooooo embarrassing! To be fondled in my Mother’s panties by a pantyboy while she listens on the phone! How terribly humiliating!!!

“Tell her her I’m touching you in her panties!”

“Mom! He’s touching me in your panties!”

“Tell her you like it, Dale!”

This I could not do! It was bad enough it had gotten to this but to actually confess that I LIKED being fondled in Mom’s panties- BY A MAN- was too much!!! This pantyboy had really struck a nerve with me. He knew how to really humiliate me! But I could not possibly admit - even out loud to myself that I enjoyed being fondled like this. Deep down, yes it felt good- too good. It was shameful enough to be a pantyboy all my life, though, and to play with myself in my Mother’s underwear. It was a horribly shameful thing to do! But then much, much worse was to let strange men fondle me in her panties! This was crossing way too many lines! I was being used like some powerless pantyboy, unable to assert my will, letting myself be used like this. It was shameful and embarrassing.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please! Please stop!” I pleaded but it was no use. He fondled me gently, softly in Mom’s silky panties.

“Tell her, Dale. Tell her you like this!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Please!!!”

“Dale! What’s going on over there?!” my Mom demanded.

“Go on, Dale! Tell her the truth!!”

“Mom! He’s fondling me in your panties!”

Tell her you like it! Tell her it feels good!”

I was almost on the verge of ******* in Mom’s panties when finally I blurted out “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Mom! He’s fondling me in your silky panties- and it feels good!”

“Dale! How could you do such a thing?! How could you let him do this to you?”

“I LIKE it Mom! I like it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” And with that I began gushing into Mom’s silky panties, spilling my ***** all of the front of her panties and the pantyboy kept fondling me, making me gush all over Mom’s panties. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I moaned as finished shooting my load all over her panties.

The pantyboy looked up at me and smiled. “You’ve been a very good pantyboy, Dale! Tell your Mom you were a very naughty pantyboy. Then you can hang up with Mom now that we are finished!.”

I was practically in tears by this point. My lower lip quivered as I whispered “M-Mom…I- I was a naughty pantyboy! I have to go now….Bye!” I began to sob as I hung up the phone. What had I just done?? How could I have done such a naughty thing like this? Wasn’t it bad enough that I let strange men fondle me in Mom’s panties? But now here I was calling my own Mother and letting her listen to me be *********** in her panties!!!! Where would it end.

I sat down next to the pantyboy on the couch as he kept asking me humiliating questions. Now that the eroticism of panty lust drained away I was left with nothing but that sick feeling of shame, guilt, humiliation and embarrassment. He kept asking me if I liked it, if I like being *********** in Mom’s panties while she listened, if I felt ashamed by moaning for Mom like that, how I would feel the next time I saw my Mom and had to look her in the eyes, knowing full well how naughty I had been. This was the most shameful and humiliating thing I had ever done on Earth and I would never be able to forget it at any time in my life.

I was a very naughty pantyboy.

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i just loved the story ,im so hard thinking of calling my mom right now to tell her im in her panties

Hope you did. Would love to hear all about the phone call!

I labled this a fantasy so no, unfortunately, it is not true. It is ba<x>sed on some real life experiences, however. ;-) I know this is experienceproject not fantasyproject but thought I'd pop this out here labled appropriately for those that might enjoy it.

Loved the story too...I also want to know what Mommy said when she got home. Did she pull down your stained pink panties and give you a good spanking?

WOW I loved this story. I wish I could have an experience like this someday. What did your Mom say to you when she got home?