Sister Catching Me

I have been secretly wearing my sister 's clothes since my early teens, and have always had the thought of what a thrill it would be to get caught! Well a recent summer saw my parents go away for a couple of weeks on holiday. Me and my sister stayed at home, however she was dog sitting near by so she would only come back if she was going in to work and needed her stuff. One morning I woke up earlier and knowing it was one of the mornings she would be coming in to grab her work clothes I set about dressing up. I wanted to make sure I was wearing the girlyest stuff possible, I picked out some sexy underwear, a little jean mini skirt, these sexy black tights with little red hearts on, some cute little fur boots and a top which hung off my shoulders, showing off the bra i had on. Once completely dressed, I pulled up the frilly pink thong I had on so it could be seen just above my skirt, so it was obvious for her to see. Just as I did this I remember hearing the front door open, hit by sudden panic I ran back in to my room and shut the door. I stood behind the door thinking about what to do as i heard my sister come up the stairs!! I froze and then my choice was made for my as she called my name and walked straight in to my room!! There i was dressed head to toe in her clothes. "hahaha o my god, what are you doing!!?", I was soo embarrassed but I remember thinking o well caught now so I gave her a slow twirl at which point she clearly saw the back of her pink thong sticking up above her skirt and started laughing again saying "hahaha you're even wearing my thong hahaha, sexy" Fortunately she was late for work and had to rush off shortly after but was soo soo embarrassed
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lucky to have a sister so

i wasn't in, but next time she came back she kept pulling my t-shirt up and asking if I was wearing knickers today and then laughing! I remember thinking to myself if only she knew under my boxers I was wearing one of her thongs again! I think she thought it was just a once off but when ever no one was around i'd always be straight in to her bedroom dressing like well to be honest a bit of a **** :P!

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