Wearing Mom's Clothes

I just had to try on mom's bra and panties. Dashing between her bedroom and the bathroom I'd catch a glimpse of her and say to myself wow I have to try that sometime. Later when she was away from home I went to here dresser drawer and opened it. There were lots of bras and panties. I took off my shirt and pants and tried the bra on and then pulled on the panties. Oh my, what a nice feeling. Well, then I got scared and took them off rather quickly saying to myself I will have to do this again soon. And I did.
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I got started the same way wearing my mother's clothes but one day she caught me she was not mad I think she was excited I was 13 years old she started dressing me we would go shopping together when I was 15 I got dressed up and brought a little boy home she loved it of course we had sex and that was my first time to have anal sex 56 and love it

It was a litle bit more convoluted. I had job as a kid to burn the garbage. Before I could do that I had to sort it. Metal in one place, glass in another, compostables in the compost pile, and burnables burned. Well one day I was sorting and came across a thrown away pair of my moms panty hose. I just had to keep them, but they had huge runs so I cut off the stocking part and kept the panty part. Wore those panties for quite a while till they wore out. And that is how I got started.

Thats a great story!

Thanks it is the truth.

Well I guess we know how you got started now. Lots of us have done the same thing.

Did you get started this way?