I Was About 9 Years Old...

...when I got into my Mother's panties & stockings drawer. I had been in the drawer before...just looking and taking in the smell...her perfume and nylon smells...! Finally, the satin panties seemed to lift into my hands, cold, slimy, and so erotic. They slithered in my small hands and felt so good on my face. I slid down my pants and found a my small, hard penis...so stiff...! It felt so good in my loins...so different and new. I sat on her bed & I pulled on the panites...very large but the sensation was breathtaking. Before I knew it I was pumping *** in the satin pants...!!
Oh no...I had to wash them out and dry them before she found them....!!
Thank you...Nel
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

nice experience for a little boy.

Makes me remember my first time.

Sweet, I hope she caught you and made you wear them and play with your self till you learneed your lesson