Life Story

I started fully crossdressing at the age of 8, before that I was into heels (my grandmas) loved the way they looked and felt on plus she had matching handbags to go with each pair.
I then started by wearing my mam's clothes when home alone.
I got bored with wearing my mam's clothes and the fact of getting caught couldn't really explain that at the time plus most of her clothes where to big for me and her shoes were too small, so started to buy my own clothes and shoes, that's more or less the time when I found eBay I started acquiring clothes, shoes and boots and still can't stop buying items.

My mam found my stash of clothes and shoes a couple of years ago as she was cleaning the cupboard out when I was away for the weekend, so got pulled to one side when I came back and had to explain why I had women's shoes and clothes in the bag for.

She is ok with me dressing but not fully ok with it, I can't do it as much as what I want to do so sometimes find it hard to express myself.

This is what I have so far in my collection
I have 3 pairs of boots, 7 pairs of heels(court shoes and open toe).
sarah230 sarah230
Dec 12, 2012