Mothers And Sisters Panties...

I still don't know what encouraged me to try it the first time, I remember I was young, but not quite sure what age, maybe about 12 I think.

I had an older sister, who was still just living at home, and between her panties, and those of my mother I was spoilt for choice!

I eventually ended up with my own little colelction of their panties, I'd stolen, and I'd often wear them to sleep in, and soemtimes, when the house was empty during the day, I'd wear the panties, and slip on tights/stockings, and find a dress to wear, or what I now know would be called a babydoll (or soemthing very simular to that anyhow).
I also recall, probably when I was a little older still, putting on my sisters make up, and perfume one day, when the house was quiet, and everyone was out, and then dressing up, just to look at myself in the mirror, and I remember then, thinking soemthing along the lines of 'this is how I should look', and just feeling more like me, when dressed that way.
I never got caught, but I think the stash of stolen panties was found, eventually, so Mum must have had an idea what I was doing.

Strangely, I hardly ever mastibated whilst in the panties, and other clothes; I think I just didn't want to make a mess on things that were so pretty!

And now I've two halfs to my wardrobe, though sadly the 'male' side is sitl the larger of the two, but the female half is getting more expansive and extensive as time goes by, and I'm virtually always in female panties, except for when I'm staying at parents or other friends, where I'll need to have laundry done part way through the say; I keep a small selection of male briefs, whcih as they're hardly ever worn should last me just about forever...

And currently in a pair of panties I really like, part of a set of three, cotton, but it has a loverly feel, and these are fairly plain, without many frills, just a bow on the front, and they're a peach colour, with a sort of patturn on it.. very pretty but everyday I guess... Ilike them...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 12, 2012