Truth Or Dare

It all started when i was 13 or 14. i never had a sister but i have a cousin the same age as me. she lives in Houston but stays with us when she is in town. We would always play games together. We loved to play truth or dare. One time when we were playing she dared me to let her dress me up as a girl . I couldn't say no since i chose dare. she got her suitcase and handed me her pantie and a bra. I even remember what kind. they were pink hello kitty panties with lace and a purple push up bra with little hearts. She also gave me a pair of her leggings and a cute baby blue tank top. i put on the panties and the leggings but she had to help me clip the bra. I put on the the top and walked out of the bathroom. The weirdest part was i like being dressed up like a girl but i wasn't gonna let anyone know that. the dare wasn't over yet. We found an old wig from halloween. I put it on and my cousin had me sit in a chair. She took out her make up kit and applied blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and masquara. I look so pretty and I loved it.
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Wonderful start.

Fabulous sweetie

That must have been so exciting for you. I would love it!

Well you do have a woman's shape, so in some ways it is only natural

i had a kissing cousin. shed french kiss me till i got really hard and than tell me if i wanted to keep kissing that i had toplay dress up with her. so id agree, then shed ***** me in a way that kept me hard, she licked teasing me and keeping me up as long as possible. we played this game many times with her totally in control, and ill never stop longing for it or passing it off to other young sissy subs to enjoy

you should tell her, by he sounds of she may not mind and help you more

Idk plus she lives far away

Considering she has helped you cross dress I say go for it and tell her. Plus ill be curious to hear of her reaction.

My first hint of crossdressing was my ex girlfriend (we were 13) tied me up and started to apply makeup. I liked it but I was freaking out because I didn't want her to figure it out and tell everyone.

Did you get an erection when she dressed you up?

of course but i hid it and i dont think she noticed

I think you are fooling yourself, girls don't miss much.

your so right

But when you think about it, it adds to the excitement.

and i was obviously excited

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What a wonderful cousin. Did you ever tell her you liked it? Did it happen anytime after that or only the once?

well we no i never told her but we did keep playing truth or dare and it always came back to me crossdressing