Im A Femanine Boy Want To Know How I Know

ever since i was young i always knew my body was diffrent from the other boys
the other boys weighed more and wer more manly but sice i was very young i noticed i had a nice round *** and a tyiny **** plus my body had practically no muscles and i was very skinny witha small waist
so i was always attracted to femanine things one of the things that really cought my eye was women clothes especially panties i started wearing my moms panties and from the very first time i loved it every time i was alone in the house since i was about 10(im 18 know) i would try on my moms panties then i found this web site and started uploading pictures of me in my moms panties and everybody loved my *** but what really convinced me was my mom
one day my mom was using the computer and she found one of those pictures i had uploaded of me wearing  her panties they were these bright green lace cheeky panties and the picture i was just showing my ***  when she found that she emidietley called me and i ran to her and said yes mom and she said have u been watching *********** and i said no and i started getting red she thought it was me because in the whole house i use the computer the most(im a **** addict) then she said cuz i found a picture  a GIRLS *** on the computer and i said i promise mom i havent then she said then what is this, there its was on the screen a picture of my *** but she thought it was a girls *** as and she didnt even recognize them even though they were hers at that moment i got an instant erction at that point i knew i was really ment to be a girl i realizeed my mom thought my *** was a pornstars ***
i took it as a compiliment as just lied to her i keep wearing her panties to this day and hope one day i can go out into the street dressed fully as a **** little girl and maybe find a man that will satisfy my femanine desires
ltltlt ltltlt
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Please sit on my about to explode ****. Just watching that fine *** slowly lowering it self toward my **** may give me a heart attack. What a way to go.

Damn fooled me--just wanted to kiss, lick and **** that ***.