My Sister Secretly Knew...then Fed The Urge.

My cross dressing got serious when I was around 10 but I was lucky that one of my sisters was one year older than I was. I'm not sure whay the desire was exactly, it was just something that felt right. It really launched when I was in first grade and ended up wetting my pants during class. My mother was called and she rushed to the school with a change of clothes for me. She brought a fresh pair of pants but she didn't bring my normal underwear. She brought a pair of my sisters panties and I had no choice but to wear them. I remember it feeling good and even at that age there was something about it that fely right. My best guess was that with my pants wetting problem I was out of clean underwear so she grabbed the cleanest pair of panties she could find. What I wore that day was definately not a clean pair of panties and ultimately ended up starting a fetish that I still have to this day. Moving forward from that day...I was in the bathroom one day and was getting that urge to dress. My only safe haven was the bathroom so I went for the easiest resource which was the dirty clothes basket. I sifted through and found a pair of panties and a dress. I donned the clothes and was feeling really good prancing around the bathroom. I dug further and found a pair of bobby socks that I originally planned on wearing but the odor coming from them intreagued me. I sniffed them and was instantly hooked. The smell was amazing and triggered a warm feeling inside of me. I straddled the edge of the tub and started to grind, all the while sniffing the socks. I eventually had my first ****** spilling my young seed into the soiled panties I was wearing. The event was so amazing I continued this routine almost every day. After months of doing this I had forgot to lock the bathroom door one day and in walked my sister. I was caught in a bad position straddling the tub in her dress and panties while sniffing her socks. I was surprised that she didn't say anything and just walked out. I was embarrased but what could I do. The next day we had got home after school and she decided to bring up the subject. I didn't really say much and she eventually suggested that I wear what she was currently wearing. Actually it was more than a suggestion but rather a demand. She threatened me with exposure to not only my parents but my classmates. I went ahead and did what she said and it was an amazing experience to wear her damp panties and sniff her ripe socks. That day started a new trend and every day when we got home from school she would make me wear her panties and clothes she had worn. She also would make me lay on the floor of her room and sniff her shoes or socks and on occasion lick her feet. One Friday she tied me up in her closet and told my parents that I was spending the night over at a friends house. It was both torture and pleasure. I was her dirty clothes and foot slave until she went off to college.
lisa2112 lisa2112
36-40, M
Jan 12, 2013