My Sister's Tight Dress

I got started with crossdressing because I was drawn to how nice my mom's silk slips felt. Then one day, I found this bag of clothes my sister had left behind in the garage. She didn't live with us so that bag was there for quite a while. I would sneak into the garage when no one was around and try on that dress. It was stretchy and tight. This was the early seventies and I was in jr high school. I remember having such trouble getting that zipper up in the back. When I got it zipped up, it was amazing. I wore it several times before it finally disappeared. I think my ,on have the clothes to the good will or something. That was a sad day but I will always remember.
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HI: Its not that we broke up, she divorced me ,and since I was at her mercy (not to tell everyone about me) I gave her everything and started over .

Sorry to hear. I wish you the best.

My X caught me in her brassiere one morning JO and I was soon in a complete outfit and a ***** in my "sissy bottom" . 18months later she divorced me , and gave me the cutest dress in her closet that fit me and looked great on me .
She not only got me into complete outfits again (not since I was a teenager) she got me a married lover who wanted
me for sex every week , dressed up for him and even the dress

Too bad you broke up after she encouraged you. I think that's sad. Glad you are able to dress up whenever you want, though. I am still very limited. I love my wife very much but she does not like my crossdressing.

For everyone there is that one special garment we first fell in love with how it felt on us . For me it was a swimsuit .Then I stopped until a MILF told me my **** w bigger than hers and I should wear a bra . My sisters lace underwire 36B fit me like I was measured for it , it probably fit me better than her . When I felt my breasts being cupped and held , it felt so wonderful i almost feinted , and I looked in the mirror and I had nice breasts . And I still remember that brassiere.

I love wearing bras!

Thanks hun bet ou looked so sexy wearing it