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My Sister's Tight Dress

I got started with crossdressing because I was drawn to how nice my mom's silk slips felt. Then one day, I found this bag of clothes my sister had left behind in the garage. She didn't live with us so that bag was there for quite a while. I would sneak into the garage when no one was around and try on that dress. It was stretchy and tight. This was the early seventies and I was in jr high school. I remember having such trouble getting that zipper up in the back. When I got it zipped up, it was amazing. I wore it several times before it finally disappeared. I think my ,on have the clothes to the good will or something. That was a sad day but I will always remember.
cddude75 cddude75 51-55 1 Response Jul 14, 2013

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Thanks hun bet ou looked so sexy wearing it