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i too started at a young age maybe 5 or 6. it was playing dress up with one of my sisters in the cellar with the box of old clothes. i just wanted to wear the girls clothes, like the brownie uniform and the dance costumes, tutus and leotards. i just loved the way it felt .i was the youngest of 4[ two sisters one brother]. as i grew up i hand a lot to choose from. i remember seeing all the fuss my sisters got  i wanted it too. as the yearnings grew i wanted to be just like the other girls. i wanted to wear a  pretty first communion dress, so the first chance i got, i did. the slip and then the dress it felt right,but i also knew that i would get in to a lot of trouble . BOYS DON'T WEAR DRESSES  and this was the late 60s.   [all of this crossdressing with out any sexual feelings.] as i got older i went further with my dressing bras, panties , nylons . how did girls hook the bra from the Back. it made me upset that i could not do it with out hooking it in the front and turning it around. i tried and tried until one day my arms stretched enough to hook it in the back, success at last! i have been hooking my bras in the back now for the last forty some odd years.{ it also enables me to zip and unzip most  dresses from the back } one day i had on an old dress and slip of my mothers[ a black and white button front dress] i lov Lucy style [i loved that dress] i was prancing in it around, it felt good i layed down on the bed and started to move my hips back and forth rubbing against the bed the next thing i know the most wonderful thing happened i had my first ***********. and the rest as they say is history

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I started wearing my moms ba first then her panties, slip,girdle and nylons. Oh how I love to wear a bra! No better felling in the world.

oh i agree, but tell us more

Then I put on her dresses.

it took me a long time to tell my wife also, but i did not tell her before we got married. i wished i had the nerve to tell her before we were married. she is semi ok with it, doesnt want much to do with it though. and yes it does make sense to me to feel more at ease as we let the real us out. less inner turmoil for me.

mmm denise i wish i had known you in high school

Not to worry. It was slow at first for me ... now it's hard to keep me quiet.

your welcome josie , im am just starting to get the nerve to share

For me it was my Mom's. It felt so right and so natural. It was me and i was home.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your story.