Caught Wearing My Mothers Clothes.

My mother had been out shopping with one of her friends, they had bought several dresses and a couple of skirts each and were in the lounge at home admiring their purchases when I arrived home from collage.

I made a sandwich and watched them from the kitchen as mum put on each dress and gave a little fashion parade round the lounge.

I had been secretly wearing mum clothing whenever I got the chance as I had been attracted to woman's clothing for some reason.

 I felt more relaxed when dressed as a woman, it may sound strange to some people but deep down inside me I knew I wasn't all male.

I was 16 years old, a bit of a loner but doing well at school, I got on well with both my parents and brother and sister.

A few days after moms little fashion parade I came home early from collage as we only had half the day due to a staff meeting. I had the house to myself as mom had a part time job and didn't get home till 3 pm., I immediately thought of those new dresses that mum had bought, I went to her wardrobe to view the garments.

One dress in particular took my fancy, a powder blue and white one with a semi flared skirt. I took the dress from the wardrobe and laid it on the bed admiring the way it looked.

I took a bra, nickers and petticoat from mums underware draw then slipped into the dress and zipped it up. It looked beautiful on me, I pretended to be a fashion model walking about the house in all my glory.

The old saying "Time waits for no one" sure is true because the next thing I heard was the back door opening and mom stepping into the kitchen, two hours had slipped bye so fast. 

Panic stations for me as I rushed from the lounge to mums bedroom to get out of the dress before she caught me, I hurried to undo the zipper down the side of the dress when it jammed in a piece of the petticoat and stuck firmly, next minute mum came into the bedroom and caught me struggling to free myself.

I received quite a telling off that day regarding wearing her clothing more so for wearing her underware than the new dress,however I still wear her clothing whenever I have the opportunity I think I maybe transgender.



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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Just enjoy what you like to wear & have fun with it ! The feeling is soo great I know because I have been doing it for 40 plus years now ! So enjoy your new found fun Just try not to be caught in that moms dress again

maybe you just enjoy being a crossdressing transvestite? there is nothing wrong with that just relax & have fun