Me Too

What cross dresser hasn't been in their mothers or sisters clothes.   I really do not remimber how old I was but maybe around 7, 8, or 9.  My mom was a small woman 4'11"  and her foot size was a 1.  So I know that I was young enough to wear her shoes but only for a short time.  I would aslo wear her girdle, bras, panties, and stockings which always felt wonderful.  Sometimes I did put on her dresses but again only for a little while. The style was in the late 50's and 60's and was the poodle skirts, mary jane shoes, panty hose, white blouse.  I was thinking about this style the other day and I really do like it.

I would dress in her clothes and fly through the house when ever I could.  Later I did ********** once I discovered the smooth sliky panties rubbing on my ****.  But thats another story.

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Girls ************ is diffently part of the feelings of dressing fem. When you dress you feel good about your self, your beautiful, feeling sexy, and everything feels right. Why not ********** I know it adds to all of those wonderful feelings.

************ while playing dressup was so intense i became addicted to it, just putting on panties gridle stockings & bra got me extermely hard and i would have to get off..then i would relax & feel comfortable as a girl for the rest of the first sexual experiences happened when i was crossdressed also

It's inevitable since most of us at age 4 don't have a driver's license and credit card to go shopping on our own and for some strange reason our mother's never seem to buy us what we really want. Thank goodness for big sisters! Mine loved the idea of my wearing her hand me downs but my mother wouldn't let us do it. But, of course I did it anyway. Resistance was impossible! How come no one bothers to ask us at that age what “we” want to wear? How come when they discovered we are getting into their clothes we were censured for it rather given the option to have our girl’s stuff. How come today I’m getting guy stuff at Christmas and on my birthday when what I really want …

sharon i think you are right we all started this way