Wearing Mom's Panties and Slips At 6

I began ************ at the age of 5, often lying on my stomach and rubbing the front of my cotton briefs with my palms.  The feeling was very good but always made me feel very quilty and shameful afterward. I discovered sis' panties at 6 just bcfore she married and moved out. I don't know what it was but the very sight of panties just commanded my attention and gave me a funny feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

I'll never forget seeing panties for the first time. My sister was putting laundry away and I followed her into her room to talk with her. I hopped on the bed and stayed there as she walked out to get more laundry. She had left her top drawer open so I stood up on the bed and peeked in. I saw lots of different colored nylon panties all neatly folded. I was mesmerized and continued to stare at them until I heard my sister coming back. I instinctively jumped off the bed, not wishing to be caught looking at my sister's underwear, knowing I was doing something wrong just by looking at her panties. I felt rathered embarrased and decided not to continue the talk we were having, walking out past her as she walked in.

Days later I was playing what I later called 'solitaire hide and seek.' I would sometimes hide in the house and see if anyone would notice that I was 'missing'. It was sort of like becoming invisible and seeing how the world around you would carry on without you there. It was kind of pointless and I would grow bored quickly but it was something to do as a kid.

One day I hopped into the hamper, figuring no one would find me there. I put my hand down and felt something slippery and smooth. Out of curiousity I pulled it up and it was a pair of my sister's panties. At first I felt very weird but then I realized how silky smooth they were. I remembered the feeling they gave me just looking at them and now touching them made me feel that way, even more so. I instinctively grabbed them and ran into my parents bedroom right next to the hamper, locked the doors, ********, put on my sisters panties, laid on the floor and began rubbing myself to a dry ******. I did this several more times before sis moved out.

Less than a year later I was bored and going thru all the drawers in the house to see if I might find anything that would entertain me. While going thru Mom's dresser I happened upon her underwear drawer and felt rather embarrassed to be looking at it. I turned red in the face and wondered what people might think if they could see me at that very moment. Altho I didn't think much of it at first, I began going thru drawers a little more regularly and taking longer looks at Mom's neatly folded piles of white nylon panties and lacy white nylon full slips.

I alway felt embarrassed looking at Mom's panties but finally got the nerve to reach down and touch one. Even tho I was home alone I was terrified Mom would catch me at that moment. As I pulled the panties up from the drawer my hands began to tremble. I held them in front of the mirror and a very strange feeling came over me. It was like when I saw sis' panties. I couldn't get over it. The last thing on Earth I wanted was to get this feeling from my own Mother's panties!

It was bad enough I felt that way seeing sis' panties but at least she was young and attractive and had sexy underwear. I had already accepted my kink for her panties but my MOM'S? That was just plain weird. And they were so old fashioned and stodgy. Plain full cut briefs, no lace, no designs or patterns or even colors. All plain white. And so large! Nothing sexy about them at all. At least sis' hipsters and bikinis reminded me of the sexy swim suits seen on women frequently.

Eventually I got up the nerve to try one on and when I did I found that Mom's panties may not have been as sexy as sis' but they were loads silkier and softer! Mom sure knew quality lingerie, that was for certain. It was her one indulgence in life.

I soon got over how old-fashioned Mom's panties were and realized I had discovered panty heaven! I was often home after school for almost an hour and found myself sneaking into Mom's drawer more often.  I didn't need much time so there was little likelihood of getting caught. In fact 15 minutes of silken pleasure was all I could stand until I finally rubbed myself to ******.

But then right afterward I felt an intense shame and humiliation at what I had just done. As intense as the pleasure had been moments before, the guilt felt 10 times worse. I was repulsed by what I had just done and hated even to touch Mom's panties to put them away. I swore I would never do it again. I felt filthy and perverted. What if someone knew what I had just done? What if my friends knew? What if Mom knew???

I did my best to put it out of my mind but at some point the idea of Mom's panties would pop back into my head. I tried to force the idea out but it would never go away. I kept thinking about her panties and soon I was feeling weird again. I fought the idea for as long as I could but finally broke down. I convinced myself that just once more wasn't going to hurt. I promised it would be the last time and went about my naughty fun.

The guilt and shame hammered home again and I was again repulsed by what I had just done. I had to be the only boy on Earth that did such a thing. I would often have internal fights with myself, sometimes battling for days, even weeks, knowing how bad the feelings were after I ***********. But the longer I battled the stronger the naughty urges got. If Mom was home when I got in I knew I was safe. If my friends wanted me to come out to play I knew I was safe. But if I was alone..... I could only fight it for so long. Each time I would promise myself it was the last, that just once more won't hurt. And I would vow not to do it again. Until the next time.

I began sneaking Mom's slips at age 8 and loved the feeling of another layer of slippery nylon sliding around on Mom's panties. The feeling was incredible! And as a young boy the slip went almost to my ankles. I was covered in smooth slippery nylon and I loved it! For a short while I even tried on lots more of Mom's stuff- dresses, girdles, boots, coat, etc. I thought dressing up was fun but none of her other items appealed to me anything like her panties and slips did, nothing felt that smooth and slippery, nothing else made me feel that funny feeling that would make me do naughty things.

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Wonderfully written, my feelings surfaced just reading this. I felt so the same, but could not resist my mom's silky panties, putting them on, feeling myself in them. I would think of her and the sights I had seen recently looking up girls dresses, seeing there panties when in school,,,and just pretending I was a girl, playing in mom's silky silky panties. I too advanced to slips and nighties and that wonderful silky feeling of all those layers and just the joy of dressing like a girl and feeling wonderfully girly. I just can't stop wearing panties...lovely lovely silky full cut panties.

Great story. I love the details and the feelings you describe.


I am 59 and divorced and yes i am glad to be away from that physco i also love wearing panties and womens slips i also like a bra i put socks in it to make like i have boobs i really love the feel of nylon panties and slips i use my fleshlight when i start getting really horny i love it and it feels better than any women i had in my life i love my fleshlight

I started with my nabors moms lingerie

I started wearing my cousins panties at age 10..it fels so nice to wear her sexy silky panties against my hairless **** and balls! Every day after school I woulkd go to her bedroom and pull out a new pair of her panties and put them on. I would JO in them every day!

i felt bad for a while getting pleasure from my mums dirty nikkers but i realised it was because she was my mums and having that sort intimate knowledge of her turned me on after then i enjoyed the pleasure i got from wearing her underwear n dresses skirts and tops and i loved the smell taste and how her panties made me feel when wearing them

Oh boy did this story hit close to home . As with all of you that was my begining and I never did get past that urge , I surpressed it for many years but it came charging back at me . Now I am at peace with my desires and no longer fight them , life has become a lot more pleasant !

Nine is a similar story. I have only two regrets.<br />
1) I tried fighting my desires<br />
2) I lost an ideal opening when I was young and with my sister and her friend. They had been shopping and were showing off new clothes. They asked whether I liked the clothes. Obviously I was very jealous but responded as a young boy should that I wasn't interested. My sister's friend said that it was only because I couldn't wear them. How I wished I had admitted the truth to see what their next response would be. I was scared that they would ridicule me but maybe they would have dressed me up as I sooo wanted. And I wouldn't have had to keep up my pretence all my life. A lost opportunity or narrow escape? I think the former.

One of the most amazing things I've discovered on EP is how many men had experiences as kids almost identical to mine.<br />
<br />
I had older sisters, but never tried on their clothes. I did, however, wear my mom's lingerie. I was so ignorant of all sexual things that, even though I would get erections, it was many years before I even learned what ************ was.<br />
<br />
Also, I never felt guitly or shame from dressing, only excitement. Now, I dress as a way of coping with sress. When I am wearing a pair of panties, a firm control gridle or pantyhose, i am much more calm and relaxed.

It was almost a page from my own life. Very poignantly written, and a nice account of some exciting childhood moments. But I am wondering what followed as the years passed. My own experience tells me that these kinds of urges and inclinations do not just disappear. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing a lovely experience.

Loved your story. I can relate to the guilt and shame,too. Though for me it was women's shoes. The attraction has always been there as far back as I can remember. I would wear them when no one was home, m********* and then be filled with doubt and shame. Being a Christian added to this feeling. I still have doubts, but I believe in God's grace to love me in spite of my imperfections.