Mom's Pantyhose, Panties, Bra, High Heels...all Worn By Me (Way Too Often)!

  I started crossdressing by wearing my moms and sisters clothing. I began at about age 8. Mom used to hang her pantyhose on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom to dry them. In the evening when I got a bath, I would admire them. One night I decided to put them on. Wow! What a feeling. Smooth, silky, and they way they gripped me was unreal. I knew I had to do this often. I did.

  When mom stopped hanging them in there, I would sneak into her room and put her pantyhose on. I decided to try high heels with them one day. Wow! I then decided to try on Mom's bra, panty, pantyhose, girdle,high heels, and full slip. I felt so natural and comfortable I just knew this was the clothing I was meant to wear! I then moved onto wearing my mom's dresses with this outfit. I eventually tried makeup, jewelry, and carrying her purse. My sister's skirts and dresses fit me better, so I often times put  those on. I was totally and happily hooked.

  When I was not found out, I began doing every weekday afternoon (Mom and sis came home  90 minutes after I usually did.). I had 90 minutes of pure bliss each weekday. Through time I put many a "mysterious" run in my mom's and sister's pantyhose, managed to break the laces on mom's high heel black boots, broke a zipper on one of mom's dresses, and managed to cause their makeup to use up faster than normal. I blamed my sister for all this. I think mom believed me. (I hoped). I even wore mom's or sis's panties and pantyhose to school (middle and junior high) several days per week. I felt so at ease in them. i even wore mom's panties, girdle, nylon RHT stockings held by the girdles garter tabs a few times. These ran much easier than pantyhose I found. I loved wearing this.

  I still wasn't found out. One day I came home, and went directly to mom's dresser. I pulled on a pair of her panties, put on one of her bras stuffed with old nylons, slipped into a pair of her pantyhose (sheer to waist suntan), and put on a pair of mom's white high heeled sandals. I put on base makeup, eyeliner, shadow and mascara, rouge, red lipstick, and one of mom's pearl necklaces, pearl bracelet and matching clip on earrings. I decided  to go down in our basement so I could hear my heels click on the floor. I walked around awhile. I walked to our telephone by the basement hallway. I pretended I was talking on the phone as I walked back and forth. I did this for several minutes.

  I continued to stroll in my heels back and forth as I pretended to talk on the phone. I had no cares or hurries, I was mesmerized and happy. In short, I felt like I was in heaven or so I thought. That is until... I walked out of the hallway still holding the phone talking. As I rounded the corner into our laundry room area, I walked smack in front of my mom who had aparently come home early!! BUSTED BIG TIME!!! She saw me, standing there all scared(me). I scrambled to hang up the phone and run down that hall. Mom told me to stop, she already has seen what I was up to and I might as well walk back over to her. I did. Needless to say I had LOTS AND LOTS OF EXPLAINING TO DO that afternoon.

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I too started using my mothers lingerie , slips , girdles and the like . I acquired them after she passed away But I already had my own stuff by then . Ps nice photo... please add me to your circle?

I did so much of the same thing in middle and high school. What fun.

I've been wearing my mothers tights and lingerie since i was 4 or 5yo. i raell got into it around my teenage years. I'd have a bath and shave my legs ect while waiting for my mum and stepdad to go to the pub on Friday and Saturday nights.
My stepdad came home and caught me in my mothers sexiest lingerie, had her nylons, heels and full length satin slip on too. He would get me to parade about my room dressed up as he wanked. If i refused he said he would tell everybody all.!! Soon it progressed to me wanking him ....then sucking him (which REALLY turned me on. Then he "arranged" for us to go on a so called fishing trip. It really was a dirty weekend at a hotel. I was a teenager so he bought me teenage girls stuff, makeup Heels and perfume. After the weekend he wanted to ditch mum and run away with me. He said i was much sexier than mum. I was nearly tempted he had a huge thick **** and he made me come like i'd nevercum before. I refused and he's still with mum.

Wow that is / was a tough one to tell - I know, Been there done that. What happened after all the interrogating? Was mom supportive ? Not wanting you to induldge ? Or did it get sexy ? sd

Thanks for sharing such intimate moments.I have them all also and one day we can share them.<br />
The feelings and emotions I had wearing my moms clothes still give me a hard on today.<br />
Louise CD

Yes I loved dressing that way.<br />
it was my mom who saw me. She screamed at first, being startled by seeing me that way. Then she got mad at me for sneaking her underwear, hose, and heels and wearing them. Then she made me sit with her in the livingroom with her while I was still wearing my "outfit" and explain to her when I started doing this, why I do this, how often i do this, and everything else she could think to ask about my crossdressing. Believe me, she came up with many, many, many questions (even for months and months after that day)!

did you like dressing for the whole day<br />
wish that could happen to me<br />
what did you sister do when she saw you

TBurke no my mom did not spank me what she did was make me wear what I had on for the rest of the day till bed time then the next day when I got home from school I had all new wardrobe of girls clothes.

Did your mom spank you for wearing her clothes?

almost like me when I got busted dressed by my mom