Mom Lettting Me Borrow Her Jeans :d

So, my mom knows i wear girls jeans and i recently asked her where she got this pair levis she has. I told her i like them and she said she'll bring em over and let me try them when she comes back to visit soon. I'm gonna try to get her to let me borrow them for a while and see if can keep them. Maybe i'll buy them from her. I'll probably tell her something about how i'd rather have some worn in ones. My aunt has an identical pair, it'd be really fun to be able to wear matching jeans with one or both of them. lol especially if it was a surpsise to them. I'd love to see how they react when they realize we are wearing the same jeans in the same size.

I'm gonna try to get my mom to try on my american eagle fav bf jeans too. We wear the same size jeans, so i'm sure they'll fit. I'm just not sure how to go about getting her to try them on. Maybe we'll do a little switch for a while to see if she likes them.

Now i just have to tell my aunt that my tight jeans are girls, i guess she'll figure it out when she see's me in my mom's jeans. I think they've both seen thong slips but neither have had any reaction or said a word so i'm not positive. It'd be nice to tell em. I can't imagine how hot it would be to hang out or go jean shopping with them wearing matching jeans and matching thongs....

frankinstine frankinstine
22-25, M
Feb 17, 2010