Wearing My Aunt's Panties And Nightdress

When I was six my mother was admitted to hospital for almost two months. During that time my grandmother and four of my aunts who were still at home at the time took care of my sister and I. The girls' bedroom was a large room with a bay window and there were five beds side by side in the room. My sister and I shared one of these and the aunts slept in the other beds. As you can imagine there were lots of clothes strewn around as my aunts were all then in their early twenties.

One Saturday night while my sister was sleeping and my aunts were all out dating I started exploring the room. Some of the girls had left nylon stockings hanging over the back of a chair. There were dresses on hangers in front of the wardrobe and on a chair near my bed my favourite aunt had left panties and a beautiful pink satin nightdress.

Curiousity got the better of me and I started feeling the softness of these clothes. Then quickly, and having checked that the coast was clear, I slipped on the soft panties and pulled the nightdress over my head. As it fell down over my little shoulders and reached my bare feet I  will never forget how excited and thrilled I felt. I swirled around and caught sight of myself in a mirror on the dressing table. I was so sorry to have to take these beautiful garments off.

Afterwards I felt so ashamed and thought I must surely be the only boy who ever did such a terrible thing. But the urge to experience the sensous pleasures of wearing such pretty clothes never left me and although I was 12 years old before I "borrowed" items from my mom I really wanted to look like a girl again.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Yessssssssssss...what a wonderful experience..your first time..and it just goes on and on..I love crossdressing and especially love soft silky lingerie.

Sounds like every crossdresseres story!

Nice story and well told. Would like to hear more.