Swimming Pool

When I was younger, around 8-10 area, my family stayed at a hotel for a night that was attached to a sports complex, so it had a fairly decent sized pool that was accessible to hotel guests.

I was very insistent that I wanted to go swimming that evening we were there. So I went down with my stuff, and had my fun swimming around and what not. After a half hour to an hour of this, I grew tired of it and headed back to the change room to change.

This change room was interesting, the entrance was right beside the girls entrance, and they branched off in separate directions making sort of an 's' shape with a shower area to the left and lockers to the right. The shower area was set up gang-style, with probably 40 shower heads in there, there were pipes from the middle of the floor coming up with shower heads on them. and it was just a large entrance to the shower area, facing the lockers. At the time I was there at, there was maybe 10-15 people in the change room all together.

I originally just walked into the showers to rinse the chlorine off myself, but I quickly noticed (not that it was difficult) that most everybody in there was naked... as I immediately noticed when I saw that the guy next to me had a huge penis (Not sure exactly how big, but while he was flaccid there it hung about 2 times lower than his testicles that were saggy from the steam). After noticing that and looking around and seeing everyone else was naked, I went to my locker and ******** my shorts off and headed back to the showers.

Since this, I have looked for excuses to be naked.
Willlum Willlum
18-21, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Sounds like you need to go to a nudist resort, nude beach, a Korean spa/bathhouse or just to a local gym that has a sauna in the men's locker room. Look up some other websites dealing with nudity.