I Was 9 When My Parents Commenced Their Nudist Lifestyle

I am now 21 and am a very lucky woman with a family who love their nude lifestyle.

My father sat me down at the age of 9 and told me of my mum and his plans to become full time nudists. He asked me if I would like to try. At the time I loved my Dad and obviously agreed (although passed I still do).

For me I look back and am so glad I made the decision to try and have never looked back.
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Family nudism is the best! My girls and I love it and I'm glad your family does too!


Good for you!

You're lucky indeed with such parents, who made such a decision facilitating for you a whole life without clothes... that must be wonderful!

I have always gone nude so I don't have a date or age to remember. I just know I have always preferred the nude lifestyle.

that is great we are nudist here an raised our girls to be nudist form young age
at any time we would be naked or the girls wtih panties on but they did as they felt that they wanted

I grew up in a clothing opp family, sometimes clothes were worn but a lot of the time we were naked. My sister and I were allowed to be naked from toddlers on through our teen years.

I'm clothes free as much as weather permits. So nice you enjoy the lifestyle as well.