Little Girls Next Door

They actually lived down the street two or three houses, and they had a pool and a six foot-high reed fence around their backyard. They were a family of five nudists - their dad, mom and three little girls. My mom was comfortable with that lifestyle, so she let me go over there to swim. I got to know them pretty well, and we enjoyed it -- all summer long by the pool. They invited me to swim nude so I did.

The house behind them had a huge tree that grew close to the fence, over a garage behind it. These little boys we all knew from school hung out there, once in a while, above the garage in the tree. They spied on us, gawking and teased us, they tried to be quiet but couldn't; we all knew they were there. Their parents would ignore the boys, or maybe their dad might yell at them, but as for me, i don't think anyone cared much at all, really. We all enjoyed the excitement they brought, the idea of them teasing us in school just didn't matter to us, because their mom and dad -- and really most of the community -- just didn't care what people did, enjoying the nudist lifestyle in California as a kid.
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Perhaps it is better to be known for certain behaviors than suspected of others! Kids know how to have fun naturally and it is a shame when we are forced to set many of those things aside as an adult! - So I try not too; I would love to play on a Slip-n-Slide in the backyard again on day!!

except we'd break our necks or back, or rotator cuffs. lol

A great way to grow up.

It was a whole lot of fun....

<p>Great story. You do know that I was one of those boys; I loved to climb trees back then. How come you never asked us to come and swim with you all?</P>

If we'd known you were watching we would have.... on the other hand, it was just as much fun swimming with a gaggle of boys watching, trying not to fall out of the trees..... lol

Yeah, I bet it was great fun when one of the boys got so distracted he fell out of a tree! Obviously that would be way more embarassing than being naked.

well, boys did stuff like that all the time... goes with the

My family hung out naked around our pool as well, we didn't have any nosey neighbors but my sister and I got some attention in school because of our all over tans.

uhmmmm,like who would know? LOL

School showers.

so embarrassing in Jr high!!!

My sister had two girlfriends that came to our house to improve their overall tans. I saw them and joined them many times.

oh, okay... I never imagined people paid attention... today I don't think they do.

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My parents would take me to southern europe as a kid and teenager nudity on the beach was normal. People there were not uptight about nudity,here many people are very closed minded.

Here, people are very uptight. It's one reason my SO and I like nudist clubs -- they're open. We go to several clothing optional ones that have 'visitors.' One of the reasons I love them, is uptight people do, too -- they voyeurs. I like to be the center of attention. One of the places we go to, I'm often the only fully nude woman there (my SO's more modest). It's fun to parade around nude and draw SOOO many stares, with people who are there to basically see what you do, and what you look like NUDE, and whether you're totally bare, and and -- from the safety of their clothes. (I love it!!!)
-- 'shameless'

Oh, by the way, here teenagers get uptight too, about the time they reach puberty -- they drop out of the clubs or start wearing clothes...

That stinks. What's so wrong with nudity?

it's our culture -- it's outside their comfort zone a few years

Where are these "clothing optional clubs that have 'visitors'"? I would love to go to one of those; it sounds so exciting. One of my best vacations was at a Caribbean resort where suits were optional on the beach and in the pool, but I was almost the only one to ever go naked.

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Sounds wonderful. My parents were really up-tight about bodies. My friends and I had to run naked at night in secret. It took me years to get over the body shame. Your parents were much better.

My mom took videos of me when I was little that would put you in jail today...

That sounds like a great childhood. I agree that being seen nude is nothing to care about. To the contrary, it is usually rather pleasant.

If you can't be naked as a child, when can you ever enjoy just living?

Hopefully, you can also be naked as an adult.

yes, hopefully...