It's Part Of Who I Am.

My family wasn't a nudist family at all, so I kept my nudity a secret. I remember as a young child looking at books about different countries, in Africa, for instance, and liking the fact that nudity, or minimal clothing, was normal in various cultures. I wanted that for myself. I often enjoyed being naked when no-one else was home, or wearing minimalist inventions of my own. When I was about 6, my parents were out one evening, and that was when I went for my first nude walk down the street. It was a great adrenalin rush, and I was pretty nervous, but it was the start of something I've enjoyed, on and off, for many years now. I can remember finding opportunities for outside nudity before my teens, and during my teens, but I kept it all a secret, although one close male friend enjoyed the experience too. But those were different times, and now the subject of nudity has become more common, and I have become a lot more open, and bolder, but I can honestly say that nudity has been a part of my psychological makeup since childhood.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I am with you on this entirely. My parents were also strictly anti-body, anti-naked. But I started going naked with a couple of neighbor boys at about age 8 or 9. We dared each other to run naked across the back yard, then go out the gate onto a school yard. Eventually we went naked completely around the school which was 2 blocks wide on a street on the far side. As teens we went skinny dipping in the river together, and it was just about getting naked, not about any sexual attraction. It really took me another 20 years to learn that going naked is more natural than going covered. Carpe Diem!