Bath Time......................

Bath time was what started everything... :) Our mom would take my brother and me to our room where she would get our jammies out and we would take off whatever we had on . That brought on the mad dash thru the house to the shower. We always managed to take up to a hour of joyfull nude time playing inside and out sometimes before mom or dad could get us in the shower. By the time I got to grade school Pajamma's were out,,,, They would make us put them on only to find us in our room a hour or so later naked.. To us it was just Normal,, that was it. Dad finally said on summer evening as Joey and I ran laughing out the back door as we always did Naked that it was Ok if we didnt wear anything. He simply asked that when family or anyone came over we ask first if it was Ok. I remember Joey and me looking at each other, I think we were 10 and 8 at the time. We both grinned and yelled COOL !!!!!! and that was it. Mom finally agreed that it was not so bad since the laundry went Way down.
It's funny now looking back, childhood innocence at it's best and we had no idea... The friends we had then knew about us, hell most of them did it too. Some of their families were strict others totaly open. I mean there might have been 6 kids our age in a 3 mile radius. At first all it took was a dare , then it was the norm in the summer, There was one other family nearby why we know now were nudists. The others tolerated underwear or t shirts in our friends homes. If that was the rules then it was All we wore... As for our Nudist friends, our familys became close,, Joey and me made I think our parents saw how we all got along and spent soo many nights at each others houses is what did it.
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If you can't run around nude as a child, when can you?