Naked For Three Months

When I was seven I began to walk with a painful limp. Mom asked me what was wrong and I just said my leg hurts. She and Dad put it down to a possible sprain or pulled muscle and figured it would clear up in a few days. After a week it got worse and my teacher called Mom and expressed her concern, as I was usually a very active seven year old. Mom decided to take me to the doctor, whom as I have explained in another story, was a kind man whom I liked very much, and in whose office it was standard drill to peel down nude upon arriving in the exam room. The nurse did the usual basics and was concerned with the way I walked. The doctor came in and greeted me and asked what was going on and Mom told him about my limp and I explained that my leg hurt. He told me to walk the length of the room and as I was stark naked, he could see that there was a problem immediately. As I was walking away from him and Mom I heard him say to her, “Do you see it?” Mom said, “What am I seeing?” The doctor said, “Look at his butt. It’s not straight.” He had me walk back toward them, which was painful, and then lifted me up on the exam table and had me lie back. He then said, “Now do you see it?” And Mom said, “His right leg is longer than his left leg.” It was, by about two inches. “We need to X-Ray this immediately,” the doctor said, and wrapped a hospital gown around me and carried me back to the X-Ray room. The X-Ray tech was a nice lady who calmed any fears I had with her quiet, friendly manner and she removed the gown, which had snaps on it, and had me lie on the table, naked for all the world to see. Well, not all the world, but three or four people who were in the room, all of whom made me feel safe and welcome so I wasn’t too embarrassed about being nude, as it was general procedure in the doctor’s office. They took several pictures, wrapped me back up and carried me back to the doctor’s exam room and placed me on the table and removed the gown again.
The doctor brought in the X-Rays and put them up on the light box and showed Mom where my right hip was dislocated – the ball joint had come out of the socket and was a fair distance from it. I got to look at the X-Rays and he showed me how my hip was different from the left one, which was intact. He asked me if I had had any injuries lately and I couldn’t think of any (I was seven, remember) and we never did figure out exactly what caused it, but now it was time to discuss treatment. Lying there naked on the table with Mom and the doctor discussing me like I was produce at the market, I suddenly sprung a woodie, at which Mom raised her eyebrows and the doctor explained about how boys get spontaneous erections and to just ignore it, so on the conversation went and the little one eyed snake finally subsided on its own.
The doctor said that the two options were either surgery and putting in a pin, or three months bed rest, during which the body would probably heal itself if I could remain fairly still. He recommended the bed rest approach if that was feasible for my family, as he hated doing surgery on kids if it could be avoided. He explained, however, that I would have to be in bed with as little movement as possible, and that I would have to do everything in bed, lying down. That included eating, reading, bathroom functions, bathing, literally everything, and he wanted as little movement of the hip joint as possible. He said that he wanted to avoid the movement involved in pulling down and pulling up pants, putting on shirts, etc., and it would be best if I remained nude in bed. Besides, I wasn’t going anywhere. So home I went, to be immediately ******** down and put to bed. I was allowed to sit partially up with the aid of pillows, which made eating and doing my school work (which was brought weekly by my teacher)easier and brought some relief to lying flat of my back most of the time.
Of course everybody in six counties (or so it seemed) had to come by and visit, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, Sunday School teachers, pastor, church friends, neighbors, even some school class mates and teachers. All were curious about the dislocated hip and Mom would pull back the sheet, leaving me totally revealed, while she showed them the difference in the length of my legs. It was a little embarrassing at first, but Mom said, “You’re only seven, don’t be embarrassed. Nobody cares.” After a while I got so used to it that I didn’t either. I needed assistance getting on and off the bed pan and the cleansing that followed, and of course bathing, which was done in the bed, and Mom took care of most of that, and sometimes Dad in the evenings after work, but occasionally my sister, three years older, also would help, so everybody in the family saw me nude daily for three months. One day my sister was giving me a bath and asked me if it was embarrassing to be naked all the time in front of everyone. I told her that it was a little at first but that I got used to it and found it very comfortable and had come to enjoy it. I think she did, too, to tell the truth. I had regular woodies from time to time but nobody ever said anything about them, thanks to a very good doctor’s advice.
Monthly visits to the doctor and X-Rays to monitor progress were accomplished by slipping a bathrobe on me and carrying me to the car and back, utilizing a wheelchair at the doctor’s office. Of course the robe came off as soon as I got in the doctor’s office and X-Ray room and was put back on when I was ready to leave.
Finally three months had passed, the hip was healed and I was able to get up and get dressed and go back to school and church and be with my friends again. It felt odd wearing clothes again, and often when I got home from school I would get rid of them for a while and go naked around the house. Everyone had gotten so used to seeing me naked by then that not much was thought about it. I did have to put on something to come to the table for meals and when most guests came by, although so many had seen me naked over the three months in bed that none of them seemed to be bothered if I was nude when them came by after that. Eventually the return of normal life and cold weather forced me to be dressed more often, but at least walking to and from the bathroom naked in the evenings was acceptable and I continued to sleep naked as I had developed a love of that and was never comfortable in pajamas again. Even when I went to friends for sleepovers I slept nude and some of them did at my house as well. All of which made future scout camps more enjoyable, of course, and made junior high gym showers a thing of no concern for me. All in all, things worked out pretty well for a naked seven year old.
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I had similar experience as a child, and suffer from similar surgeries as an adult. I have been over it quite a long while....