Nudist Friend In Middle School

The beginning of 7th grade was an eye-opener, to say the least, in many respects. While I had already seen some of my friends naked at scout camps and church camps in showers and changing into and out of swim suits and scout camp skinny dipping, and a few naked sleep-overs with a few other friends, school showers after P.E. class was an educational experience all its own as we were all in the developing stages of puberty. Some of us had hair, others didn’t, some were beginning to grow, others hadn’t begun that process yet, and it was interesting to observe the progress of all our friends developing together. Plus it was fun being able to go naked with 30 or more of your friends three times a week without getting in trouble. Most of these were guys we had known since first grade, although there were some new friends who had come from another school as we migrated to middle school.
One of these new friends was Mark, a thin blond headed kid whom I became friends with the first week of school that year, and with whom I shared several classes, including P.E. Mark wasn’t as far along in the development process, as he had not begun to grow much down below and had no hair, whereas I had begun to grow somewhat (about 3” hanging, 5” erect) and had sprouted a fair crop of hair along the lower regions. We saw each other in showers 3 days a week so we both knew what each other looked like.
Our moms met at parents night the first week of school and Mark’s mom said that I was welcome to come to their house any time after school. She was a nurse and worked the early shift so she was always home when Mark got home from school.
One hot September afternoon Mark and I were biking home from school and when we got to his house, where I usually left him and continued on, he invited me in. I had some extra time as my folks were both working later than usual that day, so I accepted. We walked in and said hi to Mark’s mom, who was watching TV in the living room while she folded laundry, and Mark excused himself for a few minutes while I remained visiting with his Mom. I figured he had gone to the toilet or something, so I was surprised, to say the least, when he walked back into the living room a few minutes later buck naked. My eyes popped open wide and he grinned and said, “Wanna ***** down with me for a while?” His mom laughed and said, “Mark likes to go nude as soon as he gets home and he goes around like that all the time. You’re welcome to join him if you want to, but don’t feel like you have to if you’re not comfortable with it.” Mark again invited me to ***** down and his Mom said, “Now Mark, I’m sure he will if he wants to, but don’t make him feel like he has to.” Mark then said, “Ok. Wanna go back to my room?” I assented, still in a state of surprise, and accompanied him back to his room. I dropped my back pack on the floor and he turned around facing me with a big grin. “You go naked all the time at home, really?” I asked. “Sure,” he replied, “always have.” “And your mom doesn’t care?” I asked. “Nope,” he replied, “and like she just said, she doesn’t care if you do, too. I’ve got a few friends who come over sometimes and we always go naked together.” This was a new concept to me, but I didn’t need a second invitation to peel off and be naked with my friend. It was exhilarating and liberating. I began to feel things thickening down below at that moment, however, and I said to Mark, “Sure hope she doesn’t see me get hard.” Mark laughed and said, “You mean like this?” as he turned toward me, sporting a full bone, which in his case wasn’t very much, about 3.5” but still visibly rigid. He chuckled again and said, “I go nude around here all the time, so of course she sees me get hard sometimes. She says it’s normal, especially at my age, so she doesn’t get upset about it. She’s a nurse, after all, so she sees naked kids all day at the doctor’s office, and some of them get hard, too. It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.” By then I was at full attention, mostly at the excitement of the whole situation. Just then his mom walked in to the room with an arm load of laundry and put it down on his bed. We were both facing the door at the time so she got a full view and just chuckled and said, “Well, glad you both decided to be comfortable and glad you feel at home in our house. Come on into the kitchen when you are ready and I’ve got some snacks ready for you guys.” We followed her to the kitchen, Mark sort of pulling me along by the arm as I was still new to all of this, and she had some cookies and iced tea on the table for us. She was still working on laundry, putting a new load of clothes in the machine, and we both stood by the kitchen table, naked and still fully erect, munching cookies and drinking tea and talking with his mom like it was the most normal thing in the world. We soon went back to Mark’s room and sat around for a while. I asked him if his mom had ever caught him jacking off and he said she had walked in on him a few times and said just don’t make a mess on the furniture or the floor. She had told him it was normal for boys our age and nothing wrong with it but to keep it somewhat private. We both did a quick jack and cleaned up, without any interruption, and then I had to get dressed and head home. I laughed all the way. He invited me over for a sleep-over on Friday night and his mom talked to my mom and cleared it, so on Friday I put a change of clothes in my back pack and went to Mark’s after school. We both peeled down as soon as we got in the house and spent the rest of the evening naked together, playing out in the fenced back yard, lounging around the house, having dinner, and watching TV until we decided to go to bed. We jacked together before we went to sleep and again the next morning when we woke up, and stayed naked together till early afternoon when it was time for me to go home. A few weeks later we had another nude sleep-over at Mark’s, with three other guys from our class joining us, and we all spent the evening naked together. It was a great time and we were all totally comfortable together and we did many sleep-overs at Mark’s over the next few years till we were all out of high school. It was a comfortable and fun place to be. His mom never went naked with us, but left us to our own devices and didn’t intrude. She just wanted Mark and his friends to know they always had a place to come where they would be safe and could be themselves. Interestingly, none of us were ever in trouble in school or in the community. We kept up our grades and stayed out of trouble while the same couldn’t be said for some of our other acquaintances who didn’t hang with us.
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Did his mom ever enjoy being nude around the house with you guys? I would assume since she was a nurse and was comfortable with nudity she would be as comfortable as the boys.

If you read the story to its conclusion you find the answer to your question.

I grew up in clothing opp home with one sister. Nudity was never an issue around our house and we were much of the time during summer months.

We had a few friends that would join us skinny dipping in our back hard pool.

Not everyone likes to be naked, I grew up with it so it was ok with me.

This is a nicely detailed story and I wanted to thank the author for sharing it. You included some things I never did as a young man, or really, never even dreamed of doing as I did not "discover" naked living until I was around fifteen years old; and at that time it was mostly a private thing I did discreetly. These days, if children were to do as you described in the story I think there would be a great many different interpretations of these events! - Everyone wants to search for meaning, and I think sometimes it is just people being people and enjoying the sensations of life! Thanks again!